Tangi School Board getting the message? Saturday, Aug 30 2014 


Our money to lawyers

On Thursday, a third member of the 9-member Tangipahoa Parish School Board decided to throw in the towel and not run for reelection.

As a result, a majority of the new board should be in favor of ending the almost 50-year old desegregation lawsuit. At least, that’s the message we hope the replacements for the three incumbents have received from the voters of Tangipahoa Parish.  The two incumbents that were reelected without opposition have consistently tried to end the litigation.

There’s still work to be done. Another member who has been convicted of defrauding the taxpayers of millions of dollars may soon have his probation revoked and thus become ineligible to run for reelection in the November 4 election.   We need the District Attorney to move on this matter quickly.

That leaves only three incumbents who have wasted millions of our tax dollars on lawyers for the plaintiffs and the school board rather than the classroom. As a result of this waste, the property owners of Hammond have been forced to pay higher taxes to sustain the existing schools.

The taxpayers and children of Tangipahoa Parish deserve for this litigation to end. If we are successful in ridding the school board of three more members, the first order of business for the new school board should be to either demand that the board’s attorneys end the litigation or find attorneys who will.

On November 4, send the message to Gail Pittman-McDaniel, Sandra Bailey-Simmons and Rose Dominguez that we are sick and tired of them wasting our money on lawyers instead of the children.  Please vote for one of their opponents.


LSPRS alters meeting on Edmonson Amendment Friday, Aug 29 2014 


The Sunshine Boys!

The La. State Police Retirement System Board changed the location of its September 4  meeting to discuss SB 294.

Instead of having the meeting at the board’s offices at 3:00 PM it will now be held on the 4th Floor at 8401 United Plaza Blvd in Baton Rouge.

According to the meeting notice, the reason for the move was because: “We are concerned about being able to accommodate everyone….”

Limits on free speech

The sudden concern about “accommodating everyone” rings a bit hollow in light of the earlier announced rule change to stifle public input on SB 294. Public comment will be limited to 2 minutes per person and a total of 30 minutes.  The 30 minutes is total for the pro-SB 294 folks and the anti-SB 294 folks. In other words, those that are concerned about the financial impact on the taxpayers will only have 15 minutes total make their case.

LA R.S. 42:12 requires the Open Meetings Law be “liberally construed” to promote openness.  This radical restriction on citizen input by the board is hardly reasonable as required by the law.

Additionally, I just was informed that one of the board members passed away on Monday.  I only mention this because getting information from this board is difficult to impossible.  Even State Treasurer John Kennedy, a board member, must file formal Public Records Requests to get documents to which he is fully entitled.

Why the changes?

Here are some possible reasons why the board decided to change location with radically limited input from the public:

– Dork Dynasty will send enough armed State Troopers to the meeting to not only intimidate the citizens, but to take up all of the seating so that citizens will have to stand.

– The State Fire Marshal, Butch Browning, who works for Mike Edmonson, may force citizens to stand outside of the room or building due to overcrowding.

– To discourage the paid media from attending.

– Just to stick it to the public for daring to email the board members expressing concern about SB 294.

– The Troopers on the board will suddenly be called to New Orleans to patrol and there will be no quorum to take action.

Interestingly, I’ve been fielding communications from retired Troopers  who are unable to communicate with their representatives on the board, Bobby Smith ( bobby.smith@dps.la.gov) and Stephen LaFargue (slafargue1214 @gmail.com).  Speculation is that since both Smith and LaFargue work for Edmonson, that they have been ordered by Lt. Col. Charles Dupuy not to respond.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Dork Dynasty’s coup d’État Thursday, Aug 28 2014 


coup d’Étatleader Col. Mike Edmonson

In what only can be described as adding insult to injury, La. Superintendent of State Police Mike Edmonson’s subordinates on the LSPRS Board conspire to deny the public the right to address them about the Edmonson Amendment.

In a last minute proposed rule change, anyone wishes to testify about the Edmonson Amendment must submit, in writing, a request to speak BEFORE the meeting begins. One is limited to 2 minutes to talk and the total time allowed for the public to be heard is 30 minutes.  Or 15 minutes for pro-SB 294 and 15 minutes for anti-SB 294.  (See Rule below.)

It’s obvious, that Edmonson’s subordinates have nothing, but disdain for the public. Further evidence is that Edmonson’s number two man, Lt. Colonel Charles Dupuy called Tom Aswell and me “idiots.” In addition, he referred to us and all those who support litigating the Edmonson Amendment “assholes.”

Now, Dupuy, a member of the board is working to not only muzzle the public but to intimidate us.

This type bullying and clandestine operation by the LSP is exactly how the Edmonson Amendment and the $83 Million tax passed on the last day of the 2014 Regular Session.

This effort by the State Police is similar to a non-violent, coup d’État where the rights of the public are suspended and the leges have been co-opted.

Action needed

Please write the LSPRS Board and your leges to demand this effort to muzzle public input be stopped. See board members email addresses here: ifelps@lsprs.org, frank.besson@dps.la.gov, kevin.marcel@dps.la.gov, mike.edmonson@dps.la.gov, charlie.dupuy@dps.la.gov, guillorye@legis.la.gov, jkennedy@treasury.state.la.us, Amathews@treasury.state.la.us, slafargue1214 @gmail.com, kristy.nichols@la.gov, andrea.hubbard@la.gov, thurman .miller@la.gov, pearsonk@legis.la.gov, bobby.smith@dps.la.gov


LSPRS Board Meeting 2


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