Jindal flack can’t take the heat Thursday, Apr 17 2014 

Sarah Haley

Cute, but thin-skinned

Bobby Jindal’s new press flack, Sarah Haley is very thin-skinned.   I had heard that before, but had seen no evidence until today.

Today, I  learned that Haley has  blocked yours truly from her Twitter account.   The account  belongs to  Haley so there is no violation of the law.   Haley has  blocked other  ordinary citizens.

This arrogant, condescending, behavior by a public servant is very telling.   It didn’t take Haley long to start dodging the people of Louisiana.

Haley is a true-believer Jindal follower — ignore the citizens of Louisiana and campaign for Jindal to be president while paid by the taxpayers of Louisiana.


State employee or campaign worker? Monday, Apr 14 2014 

Sarah Haley

Memphis Belle

On Friday afternoon, Bobby Jindal announced the hiring of Sarah Haley as his new Press Secretary.  See announcement here.

As you can see not much information was released about her.  Only way to connect with her is via Twitter @SarahHaleyTN  (Strange for governor’s media flack, even for Louisiana.)

When asked by someone on Twitter, rather than say where she’s from, she said that she has “lots of family” in Louisiana. I’ve got family in Russia; does that make me a Russian?

Free legal advice

We don’t even know if she has moved or will move to Louisiana. You say: “Of course, she has to move here to do her job.”  Not necessarily.   Jindal hired a consultant in Florida at a 6-figure salary and she doesn’t live in Louisiana.

I have advised Haley via Twitter that, IF she lives in Louisiana and owns or even drives a motor vehicle here, she must, under state law, acquire a Louisiana driver’s license and license plates (if she has a car).

According to one source, Haley’s Facebook Page says she moved to Baton Rouge on March 31.  If true, the clock’s ticking on becoming a legal driver/owner.

UPDATE @ 3:40 PM:Haley has been on the job since Wednesday or Thursday of last week.


Beginning Friday afternoon, I tried making contact with Haley.  Thus far, she’s following the Team Jindal m.o. – no response.

As of this posting, Haley was not even listed on Jindal’s Press Office website. Despite my “Direct Message” via Twitter to Haley, she refused to give me her email address.

UPDATE @ 3:40 PM: Located the email address: sarah.haley@la.gov

According to media reports, Haley will be “traveling with Jindal.” Since most of his traveling is out-of-state, she doesn’t need to live in Louisiana.

What was learned

The Crack Mullet Research Team has determined that Haley is from the Germantown section of Memphis, TN.  She’s the daughter of Rusty and Carol Haley.   For those not familiar with the Germantown part of Memphis, it is where the wealthy folks live.   Haley is 31 or 32 years old and has at least two sisters, who are apparently younger than Haley.

Haley was home-schooled and is a graduate of University of Memphis, where she was a freshman in 2000.  At that time she wanted to be a constitutional lawyer.  (She won’t get much experience with that working for Bobby.)

Haley also likes Memphis-style barbecue from Tops Barbecue in Memphis.   She recommends the No.1 sandwich with cold slaw.

What is her job?

Given what we know, thus far, about Haley it appears that she is merely another addition to Jindal’s presidential campaign staff paid for by the taxpayers of Louisiana.

As she travels the country promoting Jindal for president perhaps some of the out-of-state media will make some inquires.  It’s clear she is not going to communicate with the mullets in Louisiana.

If anyone knows anything more about Haley, please let me know.  Sources will not be revealed.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Moret backtracks on La.’s “booming economy” Friday, Apr 11 2014 


Moret crawfishes

Wednesday, in a fit of unusual candor, the ethically-challenged, head of economic, Stephen Moret admitted that Louisiana was NOT experiencing an economic boom.

Moret was on the Garland Robinette’s show on WWL-Radio in New Orleans. When Robinette held Moret’s feet to the fire, Moret was forced to fess-up.

Listen to audio here. (Note: if you want to skip yours truly comments preceding Moret skip to 17:40 minutes.)

Additionally, as Bobby Jindal travels the country in pursuit of the 2016 GOP nomination for President, he talks about the “Louisiana Miracle” in reference to our economic growth.

Boom talk

This morning, I scanned the Internet for mentions of the “boom” and found that as far back as 2011 Moret was talking about the coming Louisiana boom.

Now, Moret admits that we are doing better than “most Southern states.” In fact, we are merely recovering to where we were before 2008. That’s a far cry from an economic boom.

Moret says we aren’t booming in Louisiana because the country has been in a recession since 2008 and we are just now recovering.

In other words, our lack of an economic boom is the fault of – are you ready? – George W. Bush and President Obama.

Dismal job growth

Moret was asked about a pronouncement that Louisiana had created 50,000 new jobs in 2013. Moret confessed that since 2008 (when Jindal took office), Louisiana had only created a total 23,100 new jobs.  That is less than 4,000 jobs per year. Moret never explained the difference in the 50k jobs claimed and reality.

When one considers the number of high school grads (Forget college grads.) entering the workforce each year, 4,000 news jobs per year isn’t even enough to take care of small percentage of them.

Boom mañana

When push comes to shove, Moret can only tell us to trust him; the boom is coming in a couple of years.   Of course, at that time he and Jindal will no longer be in office.

Do you trust them?  It’s time for the leges to wake up and prepare the state budget based on reality and not for the coming of the Tooth Fairy.

Kudos to Garland for asking the tough questions and for not allowing Moret to obfuscate.



“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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