Jindal supports Edmonson Amendment Wednesday, Aug 20 2014 


Taxpayers being thrown to sharks.

The Associated Press is reporting that Bobby Jindal will not support litigating the Edmonson Amendment.  Of course, he won’t; he is a key party to the taxpayer rip-off.

Jindal says to wait until the 2015 Regular Session to deal with it, legislatively.  That is simply part of Dork Dynasty’s strategy to prevent litigation. It give the leges time to pass another special retirement bill for Edmonson.

The lege “solution” by Senator J.P. Morrell and Rep. Walt Leger (two of the six lege co-conspirators) is a crap shoot, at best.

Big lie

Jindal knew the change helped Edmonson, he didn’t realize the legislation only affected two people when he signed it into law. Associated Press, August 19, 2014

Of course Jindal knew about it. He even authorized a transfer of $300,000 to the LSPRS to pay for the initial cost of the Edmonson rip-off.  Additionally, Jindal’s executive counsel reviewed the bill before Jindal signed it.  If Jindal wanted to know what the bill did all he had to do was ask.

Fool me once….

The La. State Police sneak through two significant unconstitutional pieces of legislation during the waning hours of the 2014 Session. They used the exact same trickery (Conference Committee Reports) to deceive the public. The Edmonson Amendment was one. The other was an $83 Million tax. Details here.

Do you trust the same people who pulled off two taxpayer robberies in one day to suddenly stop robbing us?

Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

If your leges tells you the Edmonson Amendment can be fixed legislatively, tell them you aren’t as stupid as they think.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Agency ordered to ignore tax collection Tuesday, Aug 19 2014 

Barry Ivey

He’s above the law

The state constitution prohibits the lege from passing a new tax or increasing an existing tax in a Regular Session in an even-numbered year. A “fee” can be introduced and passed in such a session. However, a “fee” can only produce enough revenues to provide a specific service for which the “fee” was passed.

Rep. Barry Ivey passed House Bill No. 872 during the 2014 Regular Session. The bill adds a $75 fee for the reinstatement of one’s auto insurance that has lapsed.  See how your leges voted on the illegal tax: House Senate

HB 872 dedicates $42 Million annually from the revenues produced by the fee, to the general operations of the Department of Public Safety. HB spells out that only $1 Million of the fee is to be used to perform the services for which it was passed.

Therefore, the other $42 million in revenues are an unconstitutional “tax.”

Being an attorney licensed to practice in LA, I hereby declare HB 872 unconstitutional.  I recommend that the Department of Public Safety ignore this law until someone sues them. When a suit is filed the Attorney General is required to defend it.  Thus saving DPS much needed revenues. His defense will be that the “fee” is a “tax” and therefore unconstitutional.

Some of you lawyers are wondering where I get such power. I get it from a legal memorandum prepared by some Florida lawyers for the La. State Police Retirement System.

What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.



“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Lege “solution” explained Monday, Aug 18 2014 


The lege solution

The leges and the La. State Police Retirement System Board refuse to consider litigation to declare the Edmonson Amendment unconstitutional. That is the ONLY absolute solution to the exposure of us taxpayers to unlimited financial liability.

Sen. J.P. Morrell and Rep. Walt Leger, in response to my challenge to litigate SB 294, offered a lege solution to litigation. It should be noted that SB 294 was authored by Morrell. Also, Morrell and Leger are two of the six co-conspirators that slipped the last minute amendment into a Conference Committee Report.

Lege solution

Morrell and Leger claim that the legislative staff recommended the legislative solution rather than litigation. The staff suggested repeal of SB 294 during the 2015 Regular Session. That is the same staff who told the leges that the Edmonson Amendment merely cleaned up a little inequity in the law.

For a moment, let’s assume we can trust the leges and trust the legal acumen and integrity of their staff.  Yeah, I know it’s a stretch, but bear with me.

Here are the steps necessary to protect the taxpayers with the “lege solution”:

1.  Get an unknown number of individuals to agree not to claim the benefit before the law is repealed.

2.  Get everyone who took advantage of DROP and are currently in DROP in all the state retirement systems to agree not to file a class-action lawsuit to claim the same benefits under the U.S. Constitution Equal Protection Clause before it is repealed.

3. Get those same individuals in DROP to agree not to litigate under the federal pension laws to claim the benefits after the law is repealed.

4. Wait until next April to introduce the legislation.

5. Get 53 Representatives and 20 Senators to agree to vote for the repeal SB 294.

6. Get Bobby Jindal to agree to sign the repeal into law once passed. As you recall, Jindal was behind the effort to pass the Edmonson Amendment and he has a reputation for changing his mind.

Alternative, pot sweetener

Alternatively, the two leges, both of whom are attorneys, could simply file a lawsuit and have SB 294 declared unconstitutional.  Because such matters provide for expedited hearings, it could be finished before December 31, 2014.  Even the Florida attorneys for the LSPRS have declared that the bill violates the state constitution on several fronts.

To sweeten the pot, if  SB 294 is litigated by the leges and is not found to be unconstitutional, I’ll agree to never again write anything about the La. Lege.

Your choice?

Considering that you have huge increased tax liability at stake, which of the alternatives would you choose?

If you choose litigation contact your leges and demand they litigate.  If you choose the lege solution contact me about some home sites in the Manchac Swamp that I have for sale.



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