According to a story from WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge, our leges are not eating very well because they don’t understand the ethics laws that they just passed.

“I have not been to a restaurant, yet!” says Sen. Mike Walsworth of Monroe.

“I haven’t been out with anyone in the last three weeks!” says Sen. Francis Thompson of Delhi.

“We’re all just sort of eating around the apartments and stuff like that,” Sen. Walsworth says.

There are a couple of things inherently wrong with this picture.

First, have leges forgotten that they can pay for their own meals? They get $143 per day to help ward off starvation.

Welcome to the real world fellows. Most of us pay for our own meals whether we “hang around the apartment” or go to a restaurant.

Second, if those that write the laws don’t understand them, how did they determine that they would vote for them? Most of these laws passed without a dissenting vote. How do they expect the rest of us to follow all the laws they pass?

Advice to ward off hunger

I’m concerned that these legislators will starve to death sitting in their taxpayer-subsidized apartments at the Pentagon Barracks in Baton Rouge.

Here’s some advice:

If things are so tough just quit. People will be standing in line to replace you. Perhaps people who don’t mind paying for their own meals and are satisfied that the current pay is adequate.

Meanwhile, reach into your own refrigerators, have a piece of cheese to go with your whine.