Jindal’s lost compass

Jindal then


Prohibit Legislators from giving themselves pay raises that take effect before the subsequent elections.

Any increase in salary approved by the Legislature should take effect after the next election so the public can decide who deserves that compensation.
Source:Jindal campaign brochure. Click here to see Jindal Promise

Jindal now

That sends the hot-button issue to Gov. Bobby Jindal, who said again he will not veto a raise he calls “clearly excessive.”

In a written statement issued after the vote Jindal said he was “very sorry to see the Legislature do this. More than doubling legislative pay is not reasonable and the public has been clear on that.

“I will keep my pledge to let them govern themselves and make their own decisions as a separate branch of government. I will not let anything, even this clearly excessive pay raise, stop us from moving forward with a clear plan of reform.” Times Picayune, June 17, 2008

Moral compass lost

Jindal says that he is keeping his word to 76 politicians (leges who voted for the pay raise), but is breaking his word to over 2 million voters and citizens of Louisiana.

Jindal has lost his “moral compass.”