“The large majority of our distinguished Senators and Representatives have about as much independence as trained seals. When their trainer barks, they jump.”  Louisiana Governor Earl K. Long

Despite all the bravado we heard, privately, from individual members of the lege after the last Regular Session of the lege, the leges continue to do Bobby Jindal’s bidding without question.

All the lackeys from the 4th Floor (governor’s office) have to do is to tell the toadies that the governor is opposed to a piece of legislation.  Then without the necessity of the lackeys even offering any reasons the toadies kill it in the committee.

In his column in Sunday’s Baton Rouge paper, Mark Ballard lays it all out. Read the column here.

Governor Long would be happy to know that nothing has changed in Louisiana since he uttered the above statement in 1950.

Note: There used to be a statue of a seal in the hallway of the Capitol Press Rooms.  If it still exists, perhaps it’s time to put it on display again.