Below is an email that I sent to each member of the House and Governmental Committee of the LA Lege.

Rep. Steve Pugh, R-Ponchatoula, is the author of the legislation to which I referred. Pugh is also my state representative. On several occasions I asked Pugh what problem for the public was he trying correct.  No response.

Then, I suggested to Pugh that if there was a problem that needed to be corrected, his legislation needed an amendment to define “junk emails.”  No response.

Junk screeners

As I’m sure you are aware, an individual can set their individual “junk screener” programs to filter out any mail they choose.

A few weeks ago, I learned that my emails to anyone using the email server for the LA House of Representatives was being sent to the recipient’s “junk box” by default.

If you agree

If you use email to contact your lege or others who work for state and local government and don’t want them to have an excuse for ignoring your communications considering emailing the members of this committee.

Here’s the link to the committee: http://house.louisiana.gov/H_Cmtes/H_CMTE_HG.asp By clicking on the member’s name you will find a link to email them.

If they can’t take the heat from us citizens, they should resign.


Dear ______,

You are scheduled to hear House Bill 1074 in the House and Governmental Affairs Committee on Wednesday, April 28.

The bill creates an exception to the Public Records Law. It would allow “junk emails” sent to public officials to be destroyed.

There is no definition of “junk” in the legislation. Therefore, presumably, each individual public official will be allowed to decide what is “junk.”

In our representative form of democracy it is imperative that the public be able to freely communicate with members of the legislature as well as other state and local public officials.

Allowing the unfettered destruction of the records of our communications is unconscionable.

Please support transparent and open government by defeating House Bill 1074.



C.B. Forgotston, Jr.
Hammond, LA