How to stop the abuse

Since the Great Recession began 4 year ago, many of us have been cutting up our credit card.

The opposite is occurring in public sector. Public servants are abusing credit cards paid for by us taxpayers.

Recently, the Times Picayune called for a investigation of credit card abuse by one of Bobby Jindal’s recent political hires. See editorial here.

Craig Taffaro was appointed to a previously non-existent job by Jindal. Prior to getting the job, Taffaro had been thrown out of public office by the voters of St. Bernard Parish.

In additional to rewarding an out-of-work political crony, Taffaro was given a significant raise.

It has not been revealed whether Taffaro was given a state-issued credit card; until told otherwise, it will be assumed that he has one.

The job which Taffaro was given is an important one that is deeply involved in controversy and corruption. If Taffaro has done anything to fix the problems of this troubled agency, the citizens have not been made aware. As recently as yesterday, I received a plea from a person trying to get help, in vain, from Taffaro’s agency.

It’s time to admit the truth. We simply cannot trust our public officials with taxpayer-funded credit cards.

Most of the abusers of our credit cards are people making more money than the average family of four in Louisiana.

Public officials should do like the rest of us who can’t manage money; cut up the credit cards!