Our team!

The House Fiscal Hawks who were looking out for the taxpayers of Louisiana won the day at the Capitol on Friday.

The state constitution prohibits the use of one-time funds in the State Operating Budget. Bobby Jindal ignored the prohibition.

The Hawks stood strong for us and our constitution. The Hawks forced a budget reduction equal to the one-time money illegally inserted in the budget by Jindal.

Team Jindal threw everything they had that the Hawks, but never landed a punch. The Hawks led by Reps. Cameron Henry, Brett Geymann and John Schroder kicked butt! Henry did a superb job of presenting the Hawks’ amendment to the House.

Where was Jindal during the battle? He was dedicating two industrial cranes in New Orleans. No, I didn’t make that up.

Jindal didn’t have the guts to face the Hawks who offered to work with him.

After Jindal got his butt kicked he took off for a Republican fundraiser in Oklahoma.

Jindal is probably told those Oklahoma Repubs that he is a fiscal conservative. That lie, no matter how many times he tells it, will ever be believed by those of us who live in Louisiana.

A brief summary of the Hawk victory can be found here.

To see if your lege is a Fiscal Hawk or a Jindal lackey look at the vote here. The YEAs are the Hawks and NAYs are the lackeys.

If your lege is a Hawk congratulate them; if a lackey tell them that they need to stop following orders from Jindal and start representing you.

The budget still has a long way to go before it becomes law; there’s lots of work to do in the senate, but today we celebrate the Hawks’ big win.

We fiscal conservatives haven’t had much to celebrate since Jindal became governor.