Switching votes as easy as turning off light switch

This is an effort to document the facts for all of those who support funding the State Office of Inspector General. It also serves as another example of why voting-changing on the House Floor has to stop.

Last week, Rep. Chris Broadwater, my state representative, offered the House Floor amendment to restore the funding for the Inspector General in the State Budget (HB 1).

However, that is not the full story.

Rep. Steve Pugh, Ponchatoula, voted against the amendment so the amendment failed by a vote of 43 to 45 against. Pugh blindly follows Bobby Jindal on all issues.

I contacted Pugh to remind him that he had promised to vote for the amendment. In fact, Pugh had me draft an amendment for him to offer to restore the funding.

After I contacted Pugh he changed his vote from Nay to Yea. The vote did not change the outcome of the amendment because it still failed by a tie vote of 44 to 44.

Had Pugh voted as he promised initially, the presiding officer of the House at the time Jeff Arnold, would have been required to vote. Based on reports from citizens in New Orleans, Arnold was supportive.

Therefore, but for a game played by Pugh, the amendment would have passed by a vote of 45 to 44.

Bobby Jindal, when running for governor in 2007, promised to end vote-changing in the House. What Jindal actually did was to legalize the previous illegal practice of vote-changing.

The Senate does not allow voting changing. It needs to stop in the House!