Louisiana businesses

When I say that Louisiana is NOT “business-friendly,” the licensing requirements (and fees) are one of the factors in drawing that conclusion.

For example, Louisiana licenses Interior Designers and Florists under the guise of protecting the public. Protecting us from what? Poor taste?

A recent study just confirmed that businesses (especially small ones) are over-licensed in Louisiana. ( See report here.)

When Bobby ran for governor in 2007 here’s what he said: “Businesses will not locate in a state that does not support their growth and success and instead forces upon them …burdensome regulations.” Jindal Campaign brochure: Economic Development: Expanding Innovation, Investment and Opportunity for All Louisianians

Not once have I heard Bobby Jindal or his ethically-challenged, head of economic development (and wannabe governor) Stephen Moret address the number of licenses in Louisiana.

As I write this, Bobby’s probably telling the media in another state how he has “turned Louisiana around” and made it “business-friendly.”

It’s time for Bobby to cut the crap and the red tape on businesses.