Sword courtesy of leges

It’s getting old listening to leges complain about the power of Louisiana’s governor.

The leges try to convince us that the power of the governor comes from some “Devine Right” imbedded in our state’s constitution.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Either the leges are outright lying or are ignorant. I suggest it is both.

Power given away

The power of the governor of Louisiana comes from the leges abdication of their responsibilities or the out-right granting of their power to the governor.

There is a recent example of the latter. When the leges passed the 2013 Capital Outlay Budget (construction budget) they knowingly appropriated $120 Million more than the state can fund in the upcoming fiscal year. ( See story here.)

As a result of over-promising (misleading the public), the leges automatically handed the governor the authority to decide which project gets funded and which doesn’t. The leges thus handed the governor the “sword” which he can hold over their heads until the next Regular Session.

Had the leges not over-promised; the power was theirs to determine which projects are funded and which aren’t. The only power the governor would have been left with was the line-item veto. That is a negative tool by which the governor can only remove projects, not determine the priority of funding.

No excuses

The next time you hear a lege use as an excuse for not accomplishing something the power of the governor; tell them that they need to look in the mirror.

If our governor is too powerful, the problem is not the constitution, but the weak-kneed leges who give him their power.