This is in response to questions about a vehicle tax break that could reduce state revenues by another $100 Million (story here):

It could wreck us, said House Appropriations Chairman Jim Fannin, D-Jonesboro. I just found out about it before the (Legislative) session ended (June 4). Monroe News Star, June 14, 2012.

Let’s see. Fannin learned of it prior to the session ending, but did not express any concern. Now, suddenly, it could “wreck” the state budget.

What exactly did Fannin do?

Fannin said his certified public accountant alerted him and he filed for two credits on vehicles he bought in 2010. Ibid.

In other words, Fannin saw the wreck and plowed right into it.

After several leges were alerted by their CPAs to take advantage of the tax break, one lege (after he filed for it, of course) brought it to the attention of Team Jindal.

Bobby wakes up

The rule was promulgated on April 30, but Jindal was too busy traveling around the country telling the Repubs what a great job he was doing running Louisiana.

Thursday, Jindal returned to Louisiana long enough to reject the rule that caused the “wreck.” ( See story here.)

Jindal could bring to America as Vice President the skills he has used in running our state. Let’s hope not.

Buck stops here

When asked why Jindal waited 45 days to reject the rule, Plotkin said it was just brought to the governor’s attention Thursday. Monroe News Star, June 15, 2012.

It should be noted that the LA Department of Revenue which promulgated the rule in question is headed by a Jindal appointee. At a minimum, Jindal should know what his cabinet secretaries are doing; especially when their action knocks a $100 Million hole in the state budget.

The buck stops on Bobby’s desk.


What we don’t know is how Jindal’s rejection of the rule will affect the leges and others who have already taken advantage of the new ruling.

Perhaps Bobby should spend more time in Louisiana and at his desk at the Capitol.