LA leges only

Columnist James Gill highlights the action of the leges to take advantage of a vehicle tax break and then “blowing the whistle” on it before the mullets can take advantage of it. ( See Gill column here.)

How is what the leges did any different than the “insider trading” done for years by members of Congress?


Once Bobby Jindal returned to Louisiana long enough to reject the rule many questions are left unanswered:

– What happens to those who already filed amended tax returns to claim a $3,000 tax credit on Flex Fuel vehicles during the 6 weeks the rule was in effect?

– What will happen to those who bought a Flex Fuel vehicle contemplating in the cost a $3,000 credit, but haven’t yet filed for it?

– If one is considering the purchase of a new vehicle what should you do before the new rule is promulgated?

– When will the new rule be approved by Jindal?

A mess

The state faces a $100 Million mess because Bobby was asleep at the wheel. Regardless of whom Bobby fires it doesn’t change the fact that the buck stops on Bobby’s desk and he has made a complete mess.

The leges are unlikely to be screwed, but their constituents will and are.

Bobby needs to take the training wheels off his bike at home before he tries to show America how to ride.