Leges react to lege nepotism

Under our new “gold standard” of Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics, it is illegal for a lege to hire a member of his immediate family to work for him.

Reps. Thomas Carmody and Henry Burns, both Republicans, figured out how to circumvent that problem.

Carmody hired Burn’s wife to be Carmody’s lege assistant. Baton Rouge Advocate, June 3, 2012.

A twofer

In addition to an extra family paycheck courtesy of the taxpayers, the assistants are eligible to join the state retirement system. After 10 years the assistants “vest” in the system.

If all the leges did what Carmody and Burns did there would be 100% employment of spouses and “significant others” in the lege branch of government. Additionally, every lege would have a stake in the state retirement system in contravention of the constitutional prohibition.