Cross my heart, I cut the budget

To the surprise of Bobby Jindal, who regularly bashes the President, Federal funding for Louisiana’s Medicaid program was reduced by $895 Million for the next two years.

The leges who just spent every one-time dollar they could find as well as raided the Budget Stabilization Fund (a.k.a.“Rainy Day Fund”) expressed their shock also.

Shocked or not, Jindal and the leges’ fiscal-irresponsibility left Louisiana completely vulnerable to the vagaries of dependence on handouts from the Feds. Yes, you read that correctly; Republicans depending on handouts from the Feds.

What will Jindal do (“WWJD”)?

If history is any indicator, Bobby will claim that he cut the state budget by $895 Million. It will be a great sound bite on the national media circuit.

That’s how Bobby justified his claim of reducing the state budget by 26% while actual figures show that state spending in his first four budgets has risen by $1.8 Billion.

Now, you know WWJD.