Kyle Plotkin

Press releases are regularly issued from the governor’s office and they are public documents. Some are posted on the official state website, some are sent via Twitter, but many aren’t.

While the information in the releases is not necessarily earthshaking it is of interest to those of us who like to be informed about state government.

Info denied

Just recently I was removed from the email distribution list for the press releases.

I contacted Kyle Plotkin, Bobby Jindal’s Communications (yuk, yuk) Director, about being put back on the list.

Plotkin’s failure to respond was clear evidence that the omission was intentional.


Such pettiness from state employees is unacceptable.

Apparently, this childish move by Plotkin is payback for my blowing the whistle on a Jindal adviser.

Stafford Palmieri, Jindal’s Policy Director, has been living in Louisiana and driving her daddy’s car with New York plates on it for months, if not years. This is illegal and avoided the payment of state taxes due.

Interestingly, none of the State Police officers regularly stationed at the Capitol noticed the New York plates on her vehicle parked in a space reserved for LA public officials.

But, I digress.

Shortly after my making an issue of Palmieri’s violations, she was forced to not only get a valid LA plate, but a valid LA driver’s license.

Unless Palmieri received special treatment by the Office of Motor Vehicles, it must have cost her quite a few bucks, especially considering fines and penalties.

Obviously, she was upset about having to comply with the laws of our state that she helps make.

Throwback regime

This is not the type of treatment that a citizen of our state would expect from a person traveling around the country telling everyone how he “reformed” Louisiana.

It is, however, the treatment one received during the reign of Huey P. Long and his henchmen.

The primary difference between Long and Jindal is that Long, despite his tyrannical rule, actually helped a few people in Louisiana.


Shortly, after emailing Plotkin a copy of this column, he responded.  I am now back on the mailing list.

It’s shame that a citizen of Louisiana has to be put through stuff like this from our public servants.

This episode says a lot about Bobby Jindal’s attitude about the people of our state.