The real Bobby Jindal

Bobby Jindal recently gave a major speech in New York City. The media and audience opinion of the speech and his delivery were less than glowing.

It appears that those in the audience who were paying any attention at all were laughing at Jindal and not with him.

For those of us in Louisiana who have been following Jindal the response was no surprise.

Jindal’s lack of people’s skills is easy to understand. His image, much like that of his endorsed candidate for President Rick Perry of Texas, is carefully crafted. However, when each stood on the national stage, they failed miserably.

Why he can’t cut it

– Jindal has zero people skills because he isolates himself from anyone who is not a suck-up.

– Jindal cannot answer tough questions without prep because he doesn’t take questions at appearances in order to develop those skills.

– Jindal is incapable of dealing with even the easy-going Louisiana media. He must have others speak for him and thus has developed no media skills.

– Jindal survives solely on his celebrity status and staying away from confrontation.

– Despite being in public office for several years Jindal has learned nothing about dealing with people especially those who aren’t afraid of him.

– Jindal is simply a nerd and always will be. The boys and girls in the “majors” will chew him up and spit him out just like they did Rick Perry.

You won’t read the above in the Louisiana media, but you will in the national media when Jindal steps up on the big stage.

I can’t wait!