Lawbreaker Carol Steckel

It appears that political hires by Bobby Jindal continue to believe that they are above the law.

Recently, one of Jindal’s top advisers was caught with New York license plates on her vehicle. Nor did she have a valid LA driver’s license. See report here.

We now learn that two top the Louisiana Department of Health and Hospital (“DHH”) staffers are also violating the same laws.

Zachery Jiwa, DHH’s chief technology officer, after being caught, has decided to pay his taxes and properly register his vehicle. It is not reported whether he will also get a valid LA driver’s license as required by law.

Carol Steckel, chief of the Center for Health Care Innovation and Technology continues to violate the law by driving a vehicle in Louisiana, but registered in Alabama.

Wrong on law

DHH spokeswoman Meghan Speakes wrote….: “Carol’s primary residence, as well as her husband, are both in Alabama. She travels back and forth frequently and does not have the ‘intent to remain’ in Louisiana, which means she is an Alabama resident.” Sunday Advocate, August 5, 2012

Obviously, Ms. Speakes is confused.

“Intent to remain” is a part of determining one’s “domicile” under Louisiana law. “Residence” is the basis used for requiring Louisiana license plates. One may have multiple residences, but only one domicile.

Speakes admits that Steckel’s primary residence is in Alabama, implying that she also has a residence in Louisiana. Therefore, by Speakes own words she proves that Steckel is not abiding by the law.

Bad example

Jindal’s out-state-state political appointees obviously keep their bags packed and have no intent to stay in Louisiana long-term.

That’s fine. However, while residing in Louisiana earning a sizable paycheck from the taxpayers of Louisiana they should comply with the laws of our state.


It is more than ironic that two people who are a part of slashing services for the poor and elderly as well as eliminating jobs of law-abiding Louisiana citizens because of the lack of revenues failed to pay their Louisiana taxes.

In other words, lawbreakers are rewarded while the innocent suffer.