Teacher of prophets

There’s an interesting story ( here) about a new voucher approved school in New Orleans.

The Light City Christian Academy is operated by former State Representative Leonard Lucas, Jr., a.k.a Apostle Leonard Lucas Jr.

The story makes a point of the use of the word “whold” on the school’s website.

Knowing the source, I assumed it was just a misspelling of “whole” except that it is in quotes.

I checked various on-line dictionaries all of which said “whold” wasn’t a word. I looked further.

The word is listed in the “Urban Dictionary” here. After reading the definition, such as it is, I still didn’t know any more than I did when I started my quest.

It still seems to me that “whold” is simply a misspelling of “whole,” but who I am to debate a man who teaches prophets.

I assume that State Superintendent of Education John White knows what “whold” means. He has approved the school for 80 vouchers for the upcoming school year.

One can only imagine what language is being taught at the Light City Christian Academy.