In keeping with a Louisiana political tradition of long standing, today, after being rejected as Mitt Romney’s running mate Bobby Jindal said:

“No, I would not consider a cabinet post. I consider being the governor of Louisiana to be more important and the best job there is….” Lake Charles American Press, August 11, 2012.

Jindal’s sour grapes refusal to accept a job he hasn’t been offered is disappointing.

Previously, there was hope that we might be able to get rid of Jindal before he inflicted further damage to our state.

I will try console myself by watching Jindal deal with the mess he created in Louisiana. It has the strong potential to destroy his future political ambitions and save America from Jindal.


Today after not consulting with my family, friends and supporters plus not giving the matter any prayerful consideration, I hereby announce that I will not accept an offer to serve as cabinet member in a Romney administration.