“Oh no; not Moret!”

I must have dozed at my computer. In any case, I had a horrible nightmare.

My nightmare

After the obligatory nationwide search the ethically-challenged head of economic development for the state, Stephen Moret, was named as the President of the LSU System and Chancellor of LSU-Baton Rouge.

Moret applied the same marketing style at LSU that he used at LED.

Moret beefed-up the LSU Public Relations Department because he knows that in Louisiana the key to success is what one says not what one does.

Moret hired a half dozen of the best out-of-state PR flacks and creative writers. Part of the funding for the PR team came from eliminating the Daily Reveille which removed a potential conflict with the PR team’s spin.

To beef up LSU’s national reputation, Moret hired three out-of-state professors at twice what they were making at their universities. None teach, do research or even live in Baton Rouge. Their job is solely to make the rounds of the national speaking circuit touting LSU’s dramatic turnaround under Moret’s leadership.

To fund the professors Moret froze the salaries of the existing faculty and laid off others.

During the nationally televised LSU football games Moret did the pre-game network interview instead of Head Coach Les Miles. When LSU won, Moret also held the post-game press conference. When LSU lost (not often), Moret was unavailable for comment.

Moret also produced a video about how he turned around LSU. It was aired by the networks during half-time.

I’m awake

Was it a nightmare or a premonition?