Moret’s vision of LSU flagship

The ethically-challenged Stephen Moret, when asked about his designs on the LSU president’s job, borrowed a page from Bobby Jindal’s playbook. He acted coy, but at least he didn’t say that he “has the job he wants.” ( See story here.)

Moret said: “I’m totally focused on doing the best job that I can for the people of Louisiana in my current role.”

It makes one wonder what is Moret’s “current role.”

Moret seems to be spending a lot of time learning the ropes at LSU from the current administrators. Additionally, he is being squired around by interim LSU President Bill Jenkins meeting with important officials to influence his selection as the president of LSU.


The LSU BOS needs to halt the ruse of a national search for the next president of LSU. Such a search will waste a lot of money that LSU needs for other things to payoff one of Bobby Jindal’s out-of-state campaign donors.

Nobody qualified and intelligent enough to serve as president of the university will apply knowing the fix is in.

If you believe that LSU can do better than the ethically-challenged Moret; speak up now!

Here’s the link for contact info for LSU BOS.

If you don’t speak up our “flagship” university will look like a pirogue.