Kyle Plotkin

Since shortly after Bobby Jindal took over the governor’s office, I have been on the list for press releases from his office. Also, unlike, Lt. Gov. Jay Dardenne, I also receive notices of when Jindal is leaving the state.

During those four and a half years, I was only dropped from the list once, last month. Read about it here.

Tuesday, I realized that once again I was not getting the notices. Here is a chronological listing of what transpired.

I wrote the following email to Kyle Plotkin, Communications Direction for Bobby Jindal and his deputy Aaron Baer:


I haven’t been getting press releases of late. No mention of Bobby campaigning in Iowa today.

It is difficult to determine who is the governor of my state each day.

If I don’t get a response by 1 PM today it will mean that I’ve been removed from the distribution list in retaliation for complaining about Bobby’s DHH hire who refuses ro pay her LA taxes and abide by other state laws.


I received the following response from Plotkin:

Once again. You haven’t been removed.

(The “once again” reference is to the last time he removed me and denied it.)

My response:


We won’t quibble over semantics; just put me back on the list.


Plotkin’s response:

CB. You are on the list.

Thereafter, two Capitol reporters Tweeted that Jindal was going to Iowa today to campaign for Mitt Romney.

The reporters received notifications of Jindal’s trip from Plotkin’s office.

A couple of hours later, I still had not received the notification and am, obviously, not back on the list.

I don’t know how to describe Plotkin’s statements, but a DAMN lie!

This is another example of how little Jindal thinks of citizens of Louisiana.