Rumpled, unzipped and arrogant

Regardless of what one’s position is on Louisiana’s new voucher program, you have to admire a member of the media who has the guts to tell it like it is.

Here’s a few paragraphs from a story about State Education Superintendent John White’s recent appearance before the Tangipahoa Parish School Board:

AMITE – State Supt. of Education John White addressed the Tangipahoa Parish School Board Tuesday, giving the same insipid speech he gave about a month ago in Amite
For almost an hour, the board heard a stream of fast talk and hot air, similar to his boss, about the next layer of bureaucracy that is settling over the state’s education system that will supposedly lift Louisiana students out of the muck and mire of ignorance.

White arrived late, like he did for the previous speech, dressed like he was attending a corn husking party in an open shirt with the sleeves rolled up and wrinkled, too-tight pants about half way unzipped.

Twice as he opened his talk he turned to the audience to acknowledge his entourage, which had dutifully followed him to the hinterland, possibly on the taxpayers’ nickel.

Read the entire story here.

White is making a big six-figure salary courtesy of the taxpayers of Louisiana. Our citizens deserve more respect from a public servant.

Kudos to Don Ellzey for telling it like it is.