Levees serve one purpose – to protect people and property

As I pointed out in an earlier commentary, I don’t get the media.

Here’s my second example from Sunday for why I say that:

Anchor/reporter Scott Walker of WDSU-TV Tweeted: National media: It’s important to point out vast majority of Isaac flooding happened OUTSIDE Federal Levee Protection System. Please RT.

Me: I’m sure that those flooded by non-Federal levees with be happy to know those with Fed levees didn’t flood.

Walker: It’s an important distinction to make. People see water to rooftops and they think it’s Katrina all over again.

Me: Story here is that U.S. Wrote-off up to a million souls in La. Praise the pols for that!

My thinking (such as it is):

— For those in Braithwaite in Plaquemines Parish it IS Katrina all over again. Same people – same houses flooded.

— Maybe the point of distinguishing between Fed and non-Fed levees is simply PR for the U.S. Corps of Engineers. However, we don’t yet know for sure that the Corps didn’t add to the flooding problems elsewhere by building the post-Katrina structures. Leave the Corps PR to their own paid flacks.

— Maybe the point is that we don’t want tourists to stop coming to New Orleans because they think it’s flooded. Distinguishing between Federal levees and non-Federal levees won’t change that.

Whatever the point was, the real story for the national media should be that the lives and property of Americans in South Louisiana are not considered by politicians and bureaucrats in D.C. worth the cost of providing Federal Levee Protection.

My point

Bottom-line, it is insensitive for the media to attempt to explain away a disaster because some politicians and bureaucrats determined that some Americans are of lesser value than others.

Now, you media folks can weigh-in on what I don’t know about journalism.

As one can easily see, Louisiana desperately needs a media critic. Please tell the national media.