Can’t fool Mike

There’s a lot of hype about a plan by the LSU Board of Supervisors to transfer athletic funds to academics at LSU-BR. ( Story here.)

It sounds like a great idea, but….

History indicates that Bobby Jindal will simply reduce State General Funds currently going to LSU-BR by a like amount.   That will free up money by which Jindal can buy more lege votes.

The net result of this transfer will mean nothing extra for the LSU academics and a net loss for LSU athletics.

The LSU BOS vote is scheduled for today.  Contact info for LSU BOS.


If the LSU BOS is serious about increasing funding for academics, a provision needs to be inserted into the contract to provide a disincentive for a reduction in state funding.

For example, make the extra funds contingent upon the actual State General Fund dollars remaining at the amount it was as of July 1, 2012 or higher.