Will he bite his master’s hand?

One of Bobby Jindal’s lapdogs, Senator Jack Donahue, is asking the attorney general if Jindal can do what he’s doing. Jindal is closing the Southeast Louisiana Hospital in Donahue’s district without lege approval. ( Story here.)

It would be a shock if the AG opined against Jindal, that is, assuming the AG opines at all. After all, Jindal holds the AG’s budget his hands.

Just for grins, let’s say the AG determines that Jindal needs the leges approval. Let’s say Jindal ignores the opinion which is only advisory anyway. What’s Donahue going to do?

Will Donahue sue the governor and thus bite the hand that feeds him? Not likely. The chairmanship of Senate Finance Committee is much more important to Donahue than his constituents.

No, Donahue is just “grandstanding” for the folks back home.

If Donahue was sincere about his concern over the closing of the hospital he would sign Rep. Dee Richard’s petition for the leges to call themselves into a special session to address directly the budget cuts and the closing of the hospital in his district.   My bet is that Donahue is all bark and no bite.

As Ernest Hemingway said: “Never mistake motion for action.”