Allegedly due to revenue shortfalls, Bobby Jindal has issued hiring freezes, pay freezes and the elimination of per diems for those in Executive Branch of government.

The only thaw in the freezes appears to be for those closest to Bobby.

Rather than give direct pay raises to the loyal insiders, Bobby shuffles them to different jobs and the raises come with the new jobs. There is one exception; more on that later.

Recently, Jindal promoted Taylor Teepell (“Governor” Timmy Teepell’s little brother) from Deputy Legislative Affairs Director to Deputy Chief of Staff. With the new job came a salary of $130,000 or a 44% increase in salary.

Also “Governor” Teepell’s brother-in-law, Matt Parker, was promoted from Intergovernmental Affairs Director to Legislative Affairs Director. The new position pays $120,000; a 26% increase in pay.

Jindal then promoted Anthony Ramirez (relation to the Teepells unknown) from Deputy Director of Intergovernmental Affairs to Director of Intergovernmental Affairs. Ramirez will be paid $70,000; an increase of 59%.

Kristy Nichols (relation to the Teepells unknown) was just promoted from Bobby’s Deputy Chief of Staff to Commissioner of Administration. Her new salary is $167,000; a mere 2% pay increase.

The odd man out in the pay raise shuffle is Paul Rainwater.

Rainwater was demoted from Commissioner of Administration to Jindal’s Chief of Staff a job that a week ago paid $167,000. However, Rainwater rather than getting a pay reduction will be paid $204,000, the same as he was paid as COA.

Next up will be the ethically-challenged Stephen Moret who will more than double his current $300,000 plus salary when Jindal installs him as the next president/chancellor of LSU.

Clearly, these salaries are not paid based on what one knows, but who one knows or in some cases to whom one is related.

It’s called the “Jindal Shuffle.”