Working or fishing?

House Speaker “Chuckle” Kleckley is a real kidder, hence his moniker.

He has called a meeting of the House committee chairs in Venice, La. According to Kleckley, the purpose of the meeting is to do some “down-time bonding.LaPolitics Weekly, October 19, 2012.

Attending lawmakers will be paying for their own hotel lodging…. This is a working session and they will receive per diem. ibid (Emphasis mine)

The purpose of per diems paid to leges is to cover their cost of food and lodging. They will receive $149.00 for each day of the “meeting.” In addition, the leges get mileage for traveling to and from their homes at the rate of 55 cents per mile.

Despite what “Chuckle” says, WE TAXPAYERS, as always, WILL BE PAYING for the leges lodging as well as who knows what else for the “bonding meeting.”

We don’t know if the public is invited to the “meeting,” but we should be because we are paying for it.

In the future, a little more candor from the House leader would be appreciated, starting with how many fish they catch on this junket.