Tired of this yet?
Thirty-nine members of the House have called for a vote to call themselves into a special session. ( See list here. Source: Hammond Daily Star)

The senators have until Friday to sign a petition to allow the Senate to vote on having a special session.

The purpose of the session is find lower priority funds that can be shifted to higher priorities such as healthcare and higher education.

These petitions merely call for a vote of the membership of both houses of the lege. Why the leges would not support this exercise in democracy is beyond me.

Leges who are complaining about reductions to healthcare, higher education, closing of healthcare facilities and corrections that refuse to sign the petitions are being disingenuous with their constituents.

Leges refusal to sign only means one thing – their allegiance to Bobby Jindal is greater than to their constituents. They need to put up (sign the call for a special session) or shut up.

Waste money?

Many leges are using the excuse of wasting money on having a special session. That is laughable!

The leges waste much more money every Regular Session by only meeting 3 days a week while being paid for seven days. If the leges were truly concerned about wasting money on sessions they would work more days a week and end the sessions early.

As I write this, the House committee chairmen are on a junket at Venice, LA. These leges will receive $149 in per diem for 3 days in Venice. That’s $447 each plus 55 cents per mile round trip from their homes. Now, that’s a waste of money.

If you believe that state government can be run more efficiently contact your leges and tell them to sign up for a special session.