Next LSU President?

The LSU Board of Supervisors (“BOS”) has tipped its hand in their national search for the new President/Chancellor of LSU.

A column in today’s Advocate points out a glaring omission from the minimum requirements for the job. The next person to hold that position will not be burdened by having any academic credentials. The reason behind the omission is not fully explained so I will.

Of course that omission is denied the chairman of the so-called “search committee.”

Blake Chatelain says the BOS “discussed that, ideally, the candidate would have a strong academic background….” No kidding!

However, Chatelain goes on to say: “We’re willing to entertain a nontraditional candidate if it’s the right fit….”

Translation of Chatelain’s comments: We’d like to do the right thing for LSU. Unfortunately, that would mean not doing as Bobby Jindal wants. He doesn’t really tell us what to do, but if we do anything that displeases him he will force us off of the board as he does with his other appointees. Bobby needs a cushy job for his ethically-challenged buddy Stephen Moret.

There is one problem with the criteria for the position that is actually stated. It requires a person to head the LSU System who is of “unquestioned integrity.” Clearly, Moret’s fine for violating the state’s Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics Law would immediately disqualify him. That said, the criteria is not like a bid specification; it can be and will be waived by the BOS.

Question to BOS

Individual emails were sent this morning to each member of the LSU BOS challenging them to tell me that Moret will not be the next president of the LSU System. If any member doesn’t respond by Monday, December 31, 2012, it will serve to confirm that Moret will be the next president of LSU.

If you would like to contact the board here is a link to their contact information.

For now, we wait.