Will prison stripes will make him look fat?

On Thursday, right after the Baton Rouge Advocate outed the Federal Grand Jury investigation of the Jindal Administration, Team Jindal cancelled the contract at the heart of the investigated.  See updated story here.

Apparently, Team Jindal thinks ending the contract will end the investigation into criminal wrong-doing by the Jindal Administration.

“[Secretary of DHH Bruce] Greenstein was not immediately available for comment.”  Ibid.   He is probably practicing taking the 5th Amendment or was writing his letter of resignation.

The contract under investigation is with Greenstein’s former employer; probably just a coincidence.  However, Greenstein lied about his involvement with the contract.

Bobby Jindal has an alibi.  He wasn’t even in Louisiana when the contract was signed.

Zero tolerance

Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols said: “ We have zero tolerance for wrongdoing, and we will continue to cooperate fully with any investigation…”

I don’t know if lying is covered by Bobby Jindal’s zero tolerance policy, but it begs the question of whether Greenstein will be fired per the policy.   Rarely, does Jindal do what he promises.

Economic development

Word is circulating that the ethically-challenged Stephen Moret will hold a press conference announcing the investigation as an economic development boon for criminal defense lawyers in Louisiana.

Moret will give Jindal full credit for the investigation which caused the boon.  For once that will be true.

Just a hint to Team Jindal;  find someone other than Jimmy Faircloth to represent you.  He’s currently batting zero representing the state.