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C.B. Forgotston, Jr. is a native of Newellton in Tensas Parish. He has his Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and his Juris Doctor degrees from Louisiana State University.

He worked for the Louisiana Legislature for over 13 years. The last seven years of his tenure he was the Chief Counsel for the House Appropriations Committee. He was a Senior Staff Member of the Constitutional Convention of 1973 that wrote the current Louisiana Constitution.

Forgotston was the Director of the Taxation and Fiscal Policy Council and a lobbyist for the Louisiana Association of Business and Industry for six years. He was a consultant for and Treasurer of the Louisiana Council for Fiscal Reform a statewide tax reform group.

Forgotston is an outspoken critic of legalized gambling, political corruption and state fiscal policies. He has appeared in or been quoted in the major newspapers and other print and electronic media across the United States and around the world. Forgotston has appeared on CBS’s 60 Minutes and 60 Minutes of New Zealand.

Forgotston is a veteran of numerous local, state and national political campaigns. He is a Fellow of the Institute of Politics of Loyola University in New Orleans, was a lecturer and member of its Board of Directors.

During 1994-1995 he served as a member of the Home Rule Charter Revision Advisory Committee, which successfully undertook the first comprehensive revision of New Orleans’ Charter in over four decades.

Forgotston has lectured at the law schools at Tulane and Loyola Universities. He served as chairman of the Program Committee and lecturer at the University of New Orleans Government Leadership Institute.

The Young Leadership Council of New Orleans selected him as a Role Model for Community Activism. The readers of Gambit Weekly chose him as the Best Community Activist in the New Orleans area.

Forgotston is a frequent guest on radio talk shows in this state and in other states. He has written articles for the print media, academic and other publications around the country.

Forgotston is engaged in the private practice of law as a sole-practitioner limited to legislative and governmental matters. Before Hurricane Katrina, he lived in New Orleans and now resides in Hammond, Louisiana.

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