HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!!! Saturday, Jul 4 2015 


La. Chemical Assn. litigates unconstitutional tax Wednesday, Jul 1 2015 


Leges did it to us AGAIN!

This morning at 7:33 AM, the Louisiana Chemical Association  (“LCA”) filed for a Declaratory Judgment  in the 19th JDC  in the matter of House Concurrent Resolution No. 8 of the 2015 Regular Session.

HCR 8 purports to suspend a Sales Tax exemption of long-standing on commercial  utilities.  It means that the cost of doing business will rise and that rise will be passed on to the consumers.

Among other legal issues, the HCR failed to get a 2/3′s vote that the state constitution requires to increase taxes.

Ultimately, the La. Supreme Court will have to opine or refuse to opine on a lower court decision.  Under a worse-case scenario, the leges will be able to easily circumvent the clear intent of the state constitution and impose future tax/fee increases with only require a majority vote of the legislature.

If the worse-case scenario occurs, we taxpayers will have to pass a constitutional amendment to make it clear that we meant what we said in 1974.

Kudos to the LCA, led by Dan Borne’ for what can only be described as a public service for all taxpayers in Louisiana.

Today the tax is on businesses, both small and large, tomorrow everyone in Louisiana’s taxes will be increased by a simple majority vote of the lege.  Tomorrow will be early next year when the FY16 State Budget craters.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Jindal circumvented the law Monday, Jun 29 2015 


The real Bobby Jindal

What if Bobby Jindal held a presidential fundraiser in Baton Rouge and nobody came?  That would surely be big news, wouldn’t it?  Well yes and no.

Well, Bobby did and they didn’t come, but nonetheless he raised a half a million dollars.

One has to read between the lines in Elizabeth Crisp’s story in the Baton Rouge paper to fully understand the Jindal fundraising scheme.  Story here.

How and why?

It is illegal to hold a political fundraiser on public property, much less at the public housing in which Bobby and his family lives.  A little hurdle like the law never stopped Bobby from doing anything.

On Saturday Bobby Jindal invited big money folks to a $2,700 per head presidential fundraiser at a downtown hotel.  Simultaneously, Jindal held a “free” reception at the Governor’s Mansion for a few friends.

Coincidentally, it seems everyone who bought a ticket to the fundraiser was invited to the “free” reception at the Mansion.

Some of the money folks, who apparently didn’t read their invitations closely, turned-up at the hotel for the fundraiser.  They were quickly advised to go to the nearby Governor’s Mansion where they would find Bobby holding court with his “friends.”  They were offered “go boxes” for some of the food that was there at the empty hotel reception room.

Now, you know how Bobby circumvented the Heh, Heh, Heh, Ethics Laws.  This scheme by Jindal was so transparent that Little Stevie Wonder could see through it.

By the power vested in me as a Louisiana taxpayer, I hereby introduce to America to the “Louisiana Way” as practiced by Bobby Jindal.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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