Daylight train robbery by the State Police Friday, Aug 1 2014 

State Police Badge

The tarnished badge!

The active and retired members of the Louisiana State Police who serve on Louisiana State Police Retirement System Board are under intense pressure to oppose a lawsuit to declare SB 294 unconstitutional.

Failure to litigate this legislation will open up the taxpayers of Louisiana to massive liability for individuals in the ALL of the state retirement systems who took or are in DROP.

There’s no politically-correct way to present this.  War has been declared by the State Police on the wallets and pocketbooks of the taxpayers of Louisiana.  This the equivalent of daylight train robbery.

First we were sold-out by the leges who are supposed to represent us.  Now, we are being sold-out by those who are supposed to protect us.

We must fight back.  Please send emails to the members of the board demanding that the board litigate.  Below is a list of the board members and email addresses.


Tell the State Police that their job is to protect us, not rob us.



Irwin Felps:  Executive Director

Frank Besson:  Chairman

Kevin Marcel: Vice Chairman

Shirley Bourg: No email available

Mike Edmonson:  Designee: Charlie Dupuy:

Elbert Guillory:

John Kennedy:  Designee: Amy Mathews:

Stephen Lafargue:

Kristy Nichols: Designee: Andrea Hubbard:

Thurman Miller:

Kevin Pearson:

Bobby Smith:

LSPRS Board backing down??? Friday, Aug 1 2014 


Board action on Edmonson amendment

On Tuesday State Treasurer John Kennedy wrote to the La. State Police Retirement System Board regarding the Edmonson Amendment. Based on the content and tenor of the letter it appears that the board members, other than Kennedy, are trying to sweep this matter under the rug.  (See letter here.)

For the board to know that an unconstitutional law will cost the taxpayers and retirees money and fail to litigate it, is a violation of their fiduciary responsibility. Here is a list of the board members.

The lege was wrong to pass the law, the governor was wrong to sign the law and now the board is wrong to not pursue a lawsuit. Three wrongs don’t make a right.

It’s politics as usual in Louisiana.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Leges, heal thyselves! Thursday, Jul 31 2014 

Neil Riser

The dishonorable Neil Riser

Columnist Jeremy Alford weighs in on the need to reform the lege process when it comes to the conference committee reports. ( See column here.)

The real issue is whether it can be corrected. The current lege rules prohibit a conference committee report from being even considered on the last day of the session. However, both bodies of the lege voted by 2/3’s to suspend their own rules.

No change in the constitution, laws or lege rules will fix the problem as long as a lege like Sen. Neil Riser is willing to blatantly lie to his colleagues.

Integrity lacking

Speaking of lacking integrity, Riser still will not take responsibility for the devious effort to provide his friend State Police Superintendent Mike Edmonson an extra $55,000 annually in retirement benefits. Nor has Riser apologized to the taxpayers who are on the hook for this gift, his lege colleagues that he deceived nor his own staff member who he threw under the bus.

Nor has Riser offered to fix the costly mess that he created. WVUE-TV investigative reporter Lee Zurik offers insight into the real costs. To learn more about the cost go here.

There’s only one way to fix the current mess. That requires the LSPRS Board to litigate the constitutionality of SB 294. Thus far the board has not even been willing to call a meeting so that State Treasurer John Kennedy can make the motion.  See board members here.

As to the lack of integrity of the members of the leges, that is something they must fix within themselves.

One final thought to those leges who still consider themselves as “reformers:”  “Good laws, if they are not obeyed, do not constitute good government.” — Aristotle



“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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