La. taxpayers get little for our bucks Tuesday, Apr 22 2014 


This what we get from Jindal

It will be little surprise to most taxpayers in Louisiana that we are 3rd from the bottom in the quality of government services for which we pay.  According to the latest report on the return on investment, only taxpayers in Mississippi and Arkansas get worse government services for its tax dollars.

Note that D.C. only ranks one notch above us.

It makes one wonder how Bobby Jindal can continue get away with traveling around the country telling other states about the “Louisiana Miracle.”  Perhaps the “miracle” is that instead of being last among the states and D.C., we are only 3rd from the last.

Our leges should take this into consideration as they consider the FY15 budget during the lege session before they reduce existing services in order to fund new programs for Jindal.

Thanks go to Michelle Millhollon of the B.R. Advocate for providing the link to the report.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Leges could set a good example Monday, Apr 21 2014 

Good example 

What’s there to lose?

Leadership is often best exercised by setting a example.

In recent weeks, several leges have been grousing about how dirty is the Capitol Lake near the Capitol Building. It is full of old tires and all types of other waste materials.

Take a day

During the lege session, the Senators work 3 days a week, but are paid for 7. The House works 4 days a week and are paid for 7.

Instead of grousing, I recommend that the leges take one of those paid vacation days and clean up the lake.

I’m sure the state media would cover it.  The coverage might give some of the leges some nice ink and pictures for their reelection campaigns next year.

Who knows, if some of the national media caught wind of it, Bobby Jindal might show up.  He could hold a press conference by the lake announcing how many bags of trash was picked up and how many bottles of water the leges drank.

Of course, expecting Bobby to participate is being a little silly. If it was being held Iowa perhaps it might happen.

However, I am very serious about the leges cleaning the lake.

It might surprise the leges to see how much can be accomplished in one day with 144 people working together for a change rather than the usual internecine wars.

The clean-up effort may help the leges realize that litter is serious problem in Louisiana.  Additionally they might finally  get serious about seeing that the anti-litter laws are enforced.

From the looks of some of the leges, they could use a little exercise.

How about it?

By sending this to each of the leges, I’m asking them to take the suggestion seriously.

What say you?

UPDATE: This suggestion was sent to each of the 144 leges on Thursday.   As of this posting only two leges responded; one senator and one representative liked the idea.  Don’t expect to see the leges getting dirty cleaning up the Capitol Lake anytime soon.



“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Jindal flack can’t take the heat Thursday, Apr 17 2014 

Sarah Haley

Cute, but thin-skinned

Bobby Jindal’s new press flack, Sarah Haley is very thin-skinned.   I had heard that before, but had seen no evidence until today.

Today, I  learned that Haley has  blocked yours truly from her Twitter account.   The account  belongs to  Haley so there is no violation of the law.   Haley has  blocked other  ordinary citizens.

This arrogant, condescending, behavior by a public servant is very telling.   It didn’t take Haley long to start dodging the people of Louisiana.

Haley is a true-believer Jindal follower — ignore the citizens of Louisiana and campaign for Jindal to be president while paid by the taxpayers of Louisiana.


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