A peek into Jindal’s inner sanctum Tuesday, Jul 21 2015 

Inner Sanctum

Despite holding the title of Governor of Louisiana for over seven and a half years, we know very little about Bobby Jindal beyond his carefully-crafted public persona and well-scripted talking points.

It has been puzzling how so many high-ranking Jindal bureaucrats have been suddenly dismissed from his administration without media follow-up to give us more insight into the inner workings of the secretive Jindal Administration.  Perhaps the dearth of details is because none of those summarily dismissed were willing to talk publicly.  If so, that in and of itself seems to be news.

First glimpse

Taylor Huckaby, a former member of Team Jindal, recently wrote an op-ed piece in the Baton Rouge Advocate revealing some of the interactions between Jindal and his closest staff and among the staff.  ( See piece here.)

While the op-ed was revealing, it was not nearly as revealing as Huckaby’s subsequent interview.

Deeper glimpse

Statewide radio talk show host Jim Engster interviewed Huckaby that I found powerful.  This interview, among other things, exposed Jindal’s bigotry towards his fellow Indians as well as exposing Jindal hypocrisy about transparency in government.

If Jindal was above less than one percent in the polls for the GOP nominee for president, this interview would be on the national news.

Jim provided me with a link to the podcast of the interview.  It’s approximately 20 minutes long.  Knowing most folks are like me and don’t always have time to listen to lengthy interviews, I asked my buddy Robert Burns, who has a video blog, to break the audio down.

Here is the interview, by topic, with links to that segment of the audio:

–How Huckaby joined Jindal’s staff:   https://youtu.be/hsW2SOj5As8

–Jindal’s isolationist nature and resolve of his gatekeepers:  https://youtu.be/dwCDC5neJq4

–Jindal’s priority of national image over state and his staff’s makeover of Jindal:  https://youtu.be/k2lPZa-slfk

–Life with the Jindal administration after revealing he’s gay to key Jindal adviser Timmy Teepell:  https://youtu.be/vX7NrYCsavM

–The “fringe element” within Jindal’s inner circle:  https://youtu.be/O0BivEY5ZZo

–Whether Timmy Teepell served Jindal well and whether Taylor respects Jindal “as a person.”:  https://youtu.be/LhV2dWaEvvM

Kudos to Jim for a most revealing interview.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Facts for the fact-challenged Monday, Jul 20 2015 


That ain’t rain!

Sunday, as I perused the daily offering of “information” by the media, once again, I read about the  current state budget is mostly made up of Federal Funds.

The leges want to give Louisiana taxpayers the impression we aren’t paying for the lion’s share of the state expenditures.  They believe we don’t know Federal Funds also come from Louisiana taxpayers.

I don’t know the intent of the media.  They merely parrot the leges without question.  Worse, when questioned they cite each other as sources.

Misinformation and dis-information

Based on the latest available (to us citizens) figures, Federal Funds account for 34% of overall state spending this fiscal year.  Though I’ve not had Common Core Math, I feel safe in stating 34% is not most of 100%.

Despite my efforts to correct the media and leges, I’ve gotten nowhere.  A recent attempt is found here.

While the media is merely guilty of misinformation, the leges are guilty of dis-information.

Apparently, I’m not a credible source so I looked for information from a source that would be considered credible.  I went to the website of the Lege Fiscal Office.

The latest information on total available revenues for the current fiscal year is as of June 9, 2015.  The pertinent information is found here.

The numbers changed slightly when the State Operating Budget was finally adopted two days later on June 11, but, the rounded numbers below are still accurate enough to make the point.

The facts

We are given the impression that state spending for the current fiscal year is approximately $25 Billion.  That’s only for the State Operating Budget.   The entirety of state spending for this fiscal year is approximately $29 Billion.

The source of the approximate $29 Billion is as follows:

State General Fund (direct)                                                        $8.8 Billion

State General Fund (by Interagency Transfers)                     $1.8 Billion

State General Fund (by Fees & Self-Generated revenues)   $3.9 Billion

State General Fund (by Statutory Dedications)                     $4.0 Billion

Federal Funds                                                                                    $10.0 Billion

In closing, I say to the media and leges, stop pissing on my leg and then telling me it’s raining.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

It ain’t rocket science Friday, Jul 10 2015 


Louisiana Lege thought process

Thursday, James Gill had an excellent analysis of the litigation by the La. Chemical Association over an unconstitutional tax passed by the leges during the just-ended lege session.  ( See here.)

Leges to blame

More importantly, Gill points out that any budgetary problems resulting from the success of this lawsuit should be laid at the feet of the leges that regularly ignore our state constitution.

Despite what the leges tell the public, Higher Education did not have to suffer if this unconstitutional tax is correctly thrown out.

Higher Education was used as a political leverage to pressure the leges into doing an end-run on the constitution.  It was also used to try to prevent anyone from litigating the matter.

Shame on the leges and administrators at our institutions of higher learning for allowing themselves to be used to violate the constitution.  The college heads aren’t smart enough to be in charge of educating our children.

Future taxes

If the litigation isn’t successful, we taxpayers can forget about the slim protection of a 2/3s vote to pass higher taxes in the future.  The leges will regularly increase taxes by suspending tax breaks we enjoy by a majority vote.

This entire fit of fiscal insanity, including the SAVE Act, can be summed up in these words by Sir Walter Scott: “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practise to deceive!”

You asked for it

Thanks, again, to the LCA for working to uphold our state constitution.  They did exactly what Rep. Lance Harris challenged them to do – sued the lege.

Kudos to James for explaining a simple legal issue in a logical way that even the leges can understand.  That is, assuming they can read.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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