Edmonson deserves no credit Monday, Sep 22 2014 


It’s still manure!

There’s not much I can add to my buddy Tom Aswell’s commentary about the Baton Rouge newspaper’s sucking up to State Police Superintendent Colonel Mike Edmonson.

It’s obvious that the editorial writer had no knowledge of the facts (Including the spelling of Edmonson’s name.) about the matter which the editorial was written. That’s hardly surprising because the Advocate mostly ignored the matter.

What got to Tom and others who followed this scandal was this statement in the editorial:

It is to the credit of Col. Mike Edmondson (sic) and Master Sgt. Louis Boquet, of Houma, that they declined to accept the raise because of irregularities in its passage. Advocate, September 19, 2014.

First, I never saw or heard any plans by Boquet to decline the raise. That was a point I made in some of my commentaries about why SB 294 had to be declared unconstitutional.

Second, as Tom points out, Edmonson only declined the extra $55k a year in retirement benefits after being caught with his hand in the cash register.

Using that logic, if one robs a convenience store, but gives the money back after being caught, the Advocate would give the robber “credit” for not spending the money.

This effort to put perfume on manure might make it smell better, but just like the Advocate’s editorial, it is still manure.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

The State Police mansion Thursday, Sep 18 2014 

State Police Badge


If you are like me, you probably didn’t know that the taxpayers provide the superintendent of the Louisiana State Police a mansion in which to live. Its located in Baton Rouge on Government Street in the Department of Public Safety Complex.

The mansion has four bedrooms and four bathrooms. Among other amenities, the mansion has a fireplace, patio for entertaining, 3-car garage and is fully furnished by the taxpayers of Louisiana.

Other basic necessities are servants, compliments of the Department of Corrections. Those that have been to the mansion say that one of the inmates dresses as a butler.

The mansion, I’m informed, is well-stocked with food courtesy of the taxpayers. Meals are brought to the mansion either from the nearby state employee cafeteria or are prepared by an inmate chef at the mansion.

Information supplied to me is that construction of the mansion was begun during the Mike “Big Daddy” Foster Administration and finished during the Kathleen Blanco Administration.   It’s easy to understand why Edmonson needs an extra $30k a year in retirement pay to maintain his current lifestyle upon retirement.

If you want to know more about this taxpayer provided mansion, contact your leges. Obviously, they are aware of it because they approve the funding for it every year.

Just thought you would like to know how your tax dollars are being spent.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Edmonson Amendment UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! Wednesday, Sep 17 2014 


For you, the people!

Tuesday morning District Judge Janice Clark of the 19th JDC declared the Edmonson Amendment to SB 294 unconstitutional.  That should be the end of the matter as all defendants have indicated that they will not appeal her ruling.

See State Treasurer John Kennedy’s comments on the decision here.

Big shout-outs to:

Tom Aswell for uncovering the amendment.

State Treasurer John Kennedy for pushing the issue.

The Retired State Troopers for providing the invaluable grass-roots effort.  I’ve never worked with a more dedicated and savvy group.

Robert Burns for creating a special website and for filming the activities.

State Senator Dan Claitor for bringing the lawsuit (as a taxpayer) whereby the taxpayer rip-off was declared unconstitutional.

Last, but certainly not least, all of the citizens in Louisiana who were outraged by the Edmonson Amendment and made themselves heard loudly and clearly.

This is a huge win for the ordinary citizens of Louisiana.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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