LA Misery Index (List below)

“C.B.’s Misery Index on his Web site is cynical to the point of being toxic.” Marsanne Golsby, Then-Governor Mike Foster’s Press Secretary.

(Note: Interestingly, Marsanne didn’t deny the accuracy of this index.)

LA 50th in Quality of Life
LA 49th in K-12 Public Education
LA 48th in Health
LA Worst state to retire in.
LA Worst state for women.
LA 1st in cutting funding for Higher Education
LA Most miserable state (as if we didn’t know)
LA 49th in number of adults with college degrees.
LA most corrupt state from 1976 to date.
LA is 1st in rates of gonorrhea and syphilis
LA is 1st in auto loan defaults
LA is the 2nd most miserable state.
LA contains the area with the Highest Level of Senior Citizens Living in Poverty.
LA Most Violent state (20 years in a row as of 2012)
Longest prison sentence by a Congressman – LA’s Bill Jefferson
LA last in Camelot Index
LA 1st in corruption convictions per capita
LA has worst drivers
LA least peaceful state
LA 50TH in women’s health
LA 1st in Murders per 100,000 population.
LA 1st in Laziness.
LA has least affordable auto insurance
Governor Bobby Jindal one of most incompetent and unethical governors
LA 2nd worst lawsuit climate
LA gets an ‘F’ for Children’s Dental Health
LA 1st in Happiness.
LA 1st in deaths from diabetes.
LA 1st in Personal Income drop.
LA 1st in the number of forms of legalized gambling.
LA 1st in rate of children under 5 on the brink of hunger.
LA 2nd Most Dangerous State
LA Worst State for Nursing Homes
LA 1st in Homeless Children
LA 1st in Percentage of Homeless Veterans.
LA 52nd in population gain
LA 2nd in bad auto loans
LA 49th in Higher Education
LA 2nd WORST state for businesses
LA 49TH in Business competitiveness and retention
LA 47TH in child well-being
LA has highest auto insurance rates in the nation
LA 1st in the rate of corruption
LA LAST in attracting college-educated workers
LA 51st in child care
LA 2nd in Black Homicides
LA roads WORST in the nation.
LA 49th in Savings
LA 49TH in Longevity
LA 50TH in per capita income
LA 50TH in livability.
LA 4th Highest Rate of Adult Obesity
LA 1ST in wasting Medicare dollars
LA 2ND in rate of men killing women
LA 48TH in places to die
LA 2ND in rate of healthcare uninsureds
LA 49TH in social health
LA 1ST in high school dropout rate
LA public schools are 4TH worst
LA 2ND cost of Homeowner’s Insurance
LA 1ST in net population loss
LA is ONLY southern state to lose population
LA 1st in people moving out
LA 1ST in Southeast in population exodus
LA 1ST in rate of incarceration
LA 1ST in number of child living in poverty
LA 48TH in educational attainment of the population 25 years and over
LA 1ST in number of women living in poverty
LA LAST in bond ratings
LA LAST in healthcare for seniors
LA 1ST in abandoning public schools
LA 2ND in DWI fatalities
LA 46TH in Integrity
LA is the 49TH “smartest state”
LA WORST for healthcare for the elderly and disabled
LA LAST in wealth of our citizens
LA’s economy 49th out of 50
LA LAST in cash for research
LA 1ST in teen use of steroids
LA 1ST in the percentage of income used to pay rent
LA 2ND in rate of poverty