La.House “missing” link found Monday, Apr 13 2015 


What’s he hiding?

In my post on Thursday (below) about the La. House of Representatives discriminating against certain publications in Louisiana I posted a link to the page in question.

Later I began getting inquiries about the link being broken.  I asked the House Communications staff when the link would be fixed.  After a lot of mumbo jumbo by the staff, I was finally told: “It cannot be fixed. It no longer exists.”

Yet, here it is and it is posted on my website.

I don’t know what the House is trying to cover up and for whom, but they are frightened of you seeing the above linked page.  Among other things it proves that I have been lied to and proves the discrimination by a taxpayer-funded website.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

La. House Ministry of Propaganda Friday, Apr 10 2015 


The buck stops here!

The Office of Communications, a.k.a. Ministry of Propaganda, for the Louisiana House of Representatives has been less than forthcoming in responding to requests for information.   Therefore, circumstantial evidence has been used to come to some conclusions regarding the House’s stifling of citizen input into the lege process.

Cory Stewart, Director of Communications, confirmed my request to be linked on the House website was denied.  He refused to reveal who made that decision.

Additionally, Stewart wrote the House would “reserve the right to determine which information [on the website] is included.”

I inquired what “right” the House was reserving, since the website is funded by us taxpayers.  Stewart, subsequently, admitted there was no such right.

Of course, Stewart was just following orders.  That excuse went out with the Nuremberg Trials, but the buck stops on Speaker Chuck Kleckley’s desk.

Petty and small as he is, it is not surprising that Kleckley would refuse to link my website.  On a few occasions I have held Kleckley accountable for his actions or lack thereof.  Leges don’t like being held accountable by citizens.

Finally, the above is what is considered in the mission statement of:  fully discuss[ing] all ideas; increase[ing] public engagement;  foster[ing] confidence; and build[ing] goodwill.

You can’t make this stuff up!


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Building good will? Thursday, Apr 9 2015 

First Amendment

Doesn’t apply to La. House

As I have noted before, the Louisiana Lege has one of the best websites in the country for getting information about what our leges are doing, especially during lege sessions.

Recently, while searching for some information I saw the “News Link” page of the House Communications Office. In addition to recent news stories from around the state, it links many of the state’s print and electronic media.  At that time it linked four blogs by Louisiana citizens under the heading “Louisiana Publications.”

Since there are many more such blogs in Louisiana, I contacted Cory Stewart, Director of the office to ask who decides which blogs are linked under “Louisiana Publications” and the criteria.

Cory’s response was:

The sites linked under the section “Louisiana Publications” are those that do not necessarily fall under the definition of “news media² for tv or  print, but serve as other mediums for balanced journalism regarding Louisiana Politics. (Emphasis mine.)

“Balanced journalism” is rather amorphous and subjective, especially for a taxpayer-funded website.  But, I digress.

The mission statement of the Communication Office of the Louisiana House of Representatives is:

The Mission of the House Communications Office is to advance Louisiana and the House as an institution by helping its Members and staff  gather, consider and fully discuss all ideas; to increase public engagement; to foster confidence; and to build goodwill. (Emphasis mine.)

Since the mission statement includes fully discussing “all ideas,” I requested my website be linked because:

1) It contains factual, objective, information such as legislative voting records going back to 2000.  2) It also contains commentary on legislative, governmental and political issues.  4) It offers serious solutions to matters facing our state and pending before the legislature.  Many of these solutions are not offered elsewhere. 4) The site contains useful to the public in accessing information about the legislature.

In response to my request, the Communications Office deleted the four blogs previously linked. In other words, the response to a request to “fully discuss all ideas” none are discussed.

That, folks, is how your House of Representatives goes about its mission to “build goodwill.”

It also explains how little the La. House of Representatives values input from the citizens of Louisiana.



“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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