Hangin’ with Bobby Jindal Thursday, Apr 10 2014 

Bobby and Me

Above is Bobby and me at last night’s SLU – Tulane baseball game in Hammond.  SLU won 5 to 1!   Thus far SLU leads the series 2 to 0 with one game left to play this season.

This is the closest Bobby will get to the SLU campus.  However, he is well-known at SLU for 6 straight years of budget cuts.

You can imagine the looks I got at the ballpark last night.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Leges in denial Monday, Apr 7 2014 

Jindal-snake oil

It makes the revenues look bigger

Associated Press reporter Melinda Deslatte wrote an analysis of the revenues problems facing the proposed state budget for FY15 (starts July 1). See here.

The analysis doesn’t even touch on the revenue problems in the current year’s budget that ends on June 30.  In addition to mid-year budget cuts already implemented, the current budget began hemorrhaging so bad that at 6:30 PM on Friday, Bobby Jindal issued a spending freeze on top of the existing hiring freeze.

Didn’t hear about the new freeze? That is no surprise. Other than a brief mention in Saturday’s The Advocate and a column by me in the Hammond Daily Star on Sunday there has be virtually nothing in the dailies around the state.

But I digress.

In the AP analysis, it is clear that the leges are in denial about their complicity in Jindal’s budgetary “house of cards” about to fall in on them.

The governor proposed the current year’s budget, but the leges knowingly and willingly voted for using one-time revenues to balance it, but worse, used revenues that were highly unlikely to even materialize.

Future dim

Jindal will soon no longer be governor. It makes one wonder whether any of the incumbent leges plan to seek re-election.  They will have limited budgetary options beginning in 2016 regardless of who is the governor.

Those options are: 1) Severely reduce services to the public or 2) increase taxes by a billion dollars or more or 3) a combination of both.

Yet, the leges still believe in Jindal’s snake oil that the economy will increase and there will be plenty money for them to spend in the future.  In the best case scenario, the economy will not increase enough to stave off massive cuts and taxes.

When will the leges stop buying the snake oil and take responsibility for the mess that they have made?


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Jindal’s sneak attack on public Saturday, Apr 5 2014 


Slick one Bobby!

At 6:30 PM on Friday, Bobby Jindal issued a spending freeze for all agencies in the Executive Branch of state government.

As of Saturday morning, the best coverage of the freeze was found on LSU Professor Bob Mann’s blog here.

Jindal’s strategy appears to be working. After a Google search, other than brief mention in The Advocate most media coverage of the freeze was limited to Twitter and other blogs

It’s likely that many state agencies will not learn about the freeze until Monday.

Calling it a “spending freeze” is just another way of saying “mid-year budget cuts” that we were assured by Commish of Administration Kristy Nichols would not happen.

Call it what you want from a budgeting standpoint it is the same. The spending freeze means reduced services to the public, longer waits and likely layoffs before the current fiscal year ends on June 30.

The freeze will also affect the FY15 Budget currently being discussed by the House Appropriations Committee. It puts in jeopardy the promised state employee pay raises as well as addition funding for education for both k-12 and Higher Ed.

A random check of leges, including those on the House Appropriations Committee found none who knew the freeze was coming.

Had Chairman of the Appropriations Committee Jim Fannin not refused to hold pre-session budget hearings we would have known about the revenue problems in January. Now, we know what Fannin was hiding from the other leges and the public.

It’s time for the leges to start asking some hard questions of Team Jindal; who will step up?


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