Lege budgetary quicksand Friday, Nov 20 2015 


It’s been a while since I’ve offered our leges my assistance.  It’s generally a waste of time.  So, I thought I’d just watch how they address the fiscal mess they’ve put our state in and make observations from time to time.  This is one of those times.

Watching the leges deal with the state’s chronic fiscal problems reminds me of an old Tarzan movie.  There’s always someone who falls into quicksand.   The more he struggles the deeper he sinks.

Bobby Jindal is offering the leges help in getting out of the mess they created.  He is cutting vital services that he knows must be restored as soon as he leaves office.   Plus Jindal is using more one-time revenues to fix a budget problem caused in large part by using one-time for recurring expenditures the last 7 years.

Jindal’s $500 Million budget “re-balancing” plan is the equivalent of instead of throwing to the person in quicksand an anvil rather than a rope.

Interestingly, according to various media reports, most of the leges on Joint Lege Budget Committee appear anxious to grab the anvil.

While Jindal will no longer have any responsibility for the budget mess after January 11, most of these same leges will.

Doing the same thing over and over, but expecting different results, one has to question the leges’ sanity.


Why wait? Monday, Oct 26 2015 

Bill comes due

Taxpayer sticker shock!

Congratulations to all of the leges who will be sworn in on January 11, 2016.

As of Saturday night, all, but a handful of the lege seats have been filled.  You leges have major fiscal problems to address and very little time to do it.

At least 2/3s of the leges have served for some or all of the two terms of Bobby Jindal during which time they created the state’s massive fiscal problems and ignored them.

Because taxes cannot be increased during the 2016 Regular Session, both gubernatorial run-off candidates have promised a special session before the Regular Session to address the revenue needs.   Those needs are for the FY15 deficit and the FY16 and FY 17 revenue shortfalls and exceed $1 Billion.

There are only 63 calendar days from January 12 until the Regular Session begins on March 14.

That’s not much time to develop a plan, gather the necessary lege votes, issue the session call (5 days in advance), and meet for a maximum of 30 calendar days to produce over a billion dollars in new revenues through tax hikes and cuts to existing programs.

If the leges truly represent us, they need our input.  Start now instead of waiting until the first day of the Special Session to spring the bad news on us when we don’t have time to determine the impact and react.

After blind-siding us with $800 Million in tax and fee increases this summer on the last day of the session, followed by a massive extortion plan to raise money by the Office Of Motor Vehicles we citizens deserve some transparency.


Wait to see the “reform” Tuesday, Oct 20 2015 

Jindal reformer

The above was prematurely published in 2007.

We are near the beginning of a new four-year term of a new governor and another term of mostly the same leges.

Once again, I caution the media and others against branding any of the politicians “reformers” until at least after the end of the term.

Many of these politicians will be using the term “reform” in their rhetoric.  The word “reform” has no more substance than adding the words “new and improved” to a box of laundry detergent.  Such words usually mean a slight reduction in the volume in the box and a slight increase in price.  In other words expect the status quo

Despite the political re branding, I’m yet to see a single substantive idea for fiscal/tax reform that hasn’t been proposed periodically since 1986.

Any candidate that suggests the need for a study or a “blue ribbon commission” should be dismissed out of hand.

The solution to our chronic fiscal problems is simple.  We must replace the Huey Long model of funding state and local government via state taxes.   It can be done with one constitutional amendment.

The only thing lacking is the political courage.   The bills are all drafted; they may need some updating.

Any candidate promising you fiscal/tax reform without anyone paying more taxes is either ignorant or is a liar.

Please join me in demanding true fiscal reform be accomplished by this time in 2019.  We, not the pols or media will determine if it is “reform” or just “re branding.”  However, it will never happen if we citizens don’t hold the the elected officials accountable.


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