Wives of Dork Dynasty Wednesday, Aug 27 2014 

Housewives Dork Dynasty2

Since we can’t beat them, I’ve decide to pitch a new reality show to A&E. It will feature the wives of the group of State Police Officers that control the Louisiana State Police. The working Troopers call the group “Dork Dynasty.” It has a nice ring for reality television based in Louisiana.


The concept of the new reality show is to show a different side of law enforcement. We’ve all seen those ride-along cop shows showing shoot-outs, arrest of bad guys, traffic stops, etc.

The new reality show will feature the lesser-known, hard-working, family members of the rough-tough, shoot-em-up members of “Dork Dynasty.” The idea is to show the wives going about their daily lives, many of which hold just as important, stressful and dangerous as their husbands.

The show will feature the lives of these busy, highly-placed, women and how their jobs periodically complement their busy, high-placed, husbands’ activities.

Possible cast members

There’s a lot of details to be worked out. Here’s an example of some of the wives being considered:

–LSP Capt. Kelly Dupuy, wife of Lt. Col. Charley Dupuy, the number two man in the LSP.

–Assistant Lege Auditor Nichole Edmonson, wife of LSP Captain Paul Edmonson and sister-in-law of LSP Col. Mike Edmonson.

–Tammy Starnes, a LSP Internal Auditor and wife of LSP Capt. Jason Starnes.

Suggestions of other potential stars of the series are just beginning to come in from the LSP. It appears that there is a lot of interest in showing this side of law enforcement.

The name for the new series has been decided. It will be: “The Real Housewives of Dork Dynasty.”

You are also welcome to submit names of other Dork Dynasty wives. With your submissions, please provide similar basic information to that listed above.

Please let me know what you think of this reality television concept.



“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Edmonson’s mansion furnishings legal? Tuesday, Aug 26 2014 

Jill Boudreaux

 Jill Boudreaux above the law?

Recently, we learned how much of our tax dollars are going to maintain Superintendent of State Police Mike Edmonson’s taxpayer-funded mansion.  At the time,  it was mentioned that the figure did not include utilities, servants, linens, etc.

One of my State Police moles informed me that the furnishings in the Edmonson manse were purchased in violation of state purchasing laws.  Undersecretary and Dork Dynasty member Jill Boudreaux approved the purchases which were not on the state contract.

Money was no object for Boudreaux. It wasn’t her money; it wasn’t Edmonson’s money; it was OUR money. It makes one wonder why new furnishings were even needed for a mansion. It was only four years old when Edmonson and family sold their home and moved in.

The State Police are supposed to enforce state laws. Obviously, state laws don’t apply to the State Police.

Boudreaux repeat offender

This is not the first time that Boudreaux went around the law.   Tom Aswell reports on another of her transgressions.  Read it here.


If you know anyone in the paid media, please ask them to do a spread with pictures on the Edmonson mansion like they do on other wealthy individual’s homes in Baton Rouge. It would also be interesting to interview some of the servants.  It’s rumored that one wears a butler uniform. It is the only way for us mullet taxpayers to see how our tax dollars are being spent.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Stop the taxpayer rip-off! Monday, Aug 25 2014 


People of Tangipahoa Parish

No, not the Edmonson taxpayer rip-off; this one’s closer to home.


For almost 50 years the Tangipahoa Parish School Board has been dealing with a lawsuit to desegregate the public schools. To date, we are no closer to a resolution than when the lawsuit was filed.

The taxpayers of Tangipahoa Parish are required to pay the costs of the attorneys, not only for the School Board, but for the plaintiffs’ attorney. This amounts millions, annually.

The plaintiffs’ attorney has been working on the case so long that he no longer has a client. He is merely litigating an age-old lawsuit to further feather his retirement nest egg.  The Federal Judge in New Orleans has made threats of action that he lack the authority to do.  He is clearly biased and needs to be removed from presiding over the lawsuit.

Just in the 8 years that I’ve been a permanent resident of Tangipahoa Parish one of the school board’s outside counsels made enough money to retire. He accomplished absolutely zero to earn his retirement.

No legal strategy

Recently, at her request, I met with another of the board’s outside counsels. After several meetings, it became clear that there was no strategy to end the litigation. The only plan by the attorneys is to continuing doing what they are doing.  The results will be the same — more invoices.

To my knowledge, the school board has never demanded of their attorneys that the litigation be ended.  If it was the board members’ money instead of ours, the lawsuit would have ended 48 years ago.

Though I’m an attorney, I’ve had the opportunity to hire many attorneys to handle complicated legal matters. If any of them failed to provide me with a strategy to resolve them, they would have not been paid a dime.

New tax

Earlier this year, the voters of the Hammond area were forced to pay increased property taxes to fund the Hammond schools. If we weren’t paying for these lawyers in the de-seg case, the tax would have been unnecessary.  In effect, it’s a tax to pay legal fees.

If the current attorneys can’t get the job done, new ones should be hired who have a strategy to end the litigation.  Anything less, is just wasting our hard-earned tax dollars.

Action needed

Qualifying for the November 4 school board elections ended on Friday. Two long-time incumbents quit after having accomplished nothing in the lawsuit. Two incumbent members of the board, who consistently have supported ending the lawsuit, were reelected without opposition.

That should be viewed as a mandate to end the lawsuit – NOW!

On November 4, the voters of Tangipahoa Parish are urged to VOTE AGAINST ANY INCUMBENT SCHOOL BOARD MEMBER UNLESS THE LAWSUIT HAS ENDED.

Otherwise, just accept that the fact that you will continue to pay millions of dollars to attorneys with no results.

We have to stop the taxpayer rip-off.  The money for attorneys should be used to provide an education for the children of Tangipahoa Parish instead of padding the attorneys’ retirement plans.


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