Another problem with no solution offered Monday, Oct 19 2015 


For years the leges ignored a looming problem dealing with commercial air travel within the United States.  A brief summary was in the Baton Rouge paper.  See here.

Louisiana Driver’s licenses no longer meet the requirements of Federal law as a valid identification to board a commercial airliner.  Additional identification such as a passport is now required.

This problem has been known to the lege since 2008 and was ignored.   In 2014 the lege passed a law allowing each of us the option to have a compliant driver’s license or stick with the current one.   However, our nannie governor Bobby Jindal vetoed it.  (Read about it here.)

The issue can be addressed during 2016 Special Session promised by the gubernatorial candidates or during the 2016 Regular Session.

Over half the leges have already been reelected.   Will they step up to give us the option and will our next governor support the option?


Higher La. Taxes coming Friday, Oct 16 2015 


For the last 7 years, Bobby Jindal and the leges have used as an excuse for “kicking the fiscal can down the road” rather than address our structural deficit is that our economy will grow enough to make up for the annual overspending.

That excuse has been shot down.  Thursday, there was a story in the Baton Rouge paper about a forecast of the state’s economy for the next two years.  See story here.

The only fix for the deficit for last fiscal year, plus the $1Billion shortfall in the current budget is to raise taxes.  Taxes cannot be raised during the 2016 Regular Session.   That limits the options to increasing taxes in a special Session prior to the 2016 Regular Session.

You heard it here!


Put the cards on the table Friday, Oct 2 2015 



I’ve been following the vague plans by the politicians, business, trade, civic, so-called “good-government” groups, etc. for state government post-Jindal Administration.

They have a lot in common.  They all require more money.

Some of the common denominators are: Fully-fund higher education ($800 Million), fund Pre-K($??), fix the highways and bridges ($12 Billion), a pay raise for public school teachers ($??), fund workforce development ($??), etc.

Funding sources

I looked for the funding sources.   They were the usual vague ideas such as “right-sizing” government, more efficient delivery of services, consolidation, avoiding duplications, an improved economy, etc.

Those are the same ideas used by the Jindal Administration to “balance the budget” each year. The net result was the passage of $800 Million in new taxes and fees during the 2015 Regular Session.  Despite that huge increase there is still a revenue shortfall in the neighborhood of $1 Billion for the upcoming fiscal year.

Not mentioned problems

Not mentioned was addressing the state’s anticipated $2 Billion structural deficit by 2019.  Nor were there plans to pay-off the $20 Billion Unfunded Accrued Liability (UAL) in the state’s pension plans due in 2029.  Then there’s the matter of the state debt ceiling and a possible downgrade of the state’s bond rating (higher cost of borrowing) if the structural deficit is not addressed soon.

While higher taxes are the obvious answer to funding these expenditures, none of the pols or groups are directly suggesting increasing taxes.  Most allude to eliminating unnecessary tax exemptions, rebates, credits, etc.  The net result is the same as a tax increase.

Transparency not surprises

It’s time for the pols and others with spending plans to put their cards on the table.

The special session to take more money from the taxpayers is less than five months away.  We shouldn’t be forced to wait until five days (Time for “call” to be issued.) before the special session to learn whose wallet will be flattened.

Some folks may want to rethink their future plans.


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