Team Jindal: Come take our money Wednesday, Sep 9 2015 


Most have learned either firsthand by driving on the Louisiana highways or from other sources that the state has a highway construction and maintenance backlog in the neighborhood of $12 Billion.   That’s in addition to other state facilities in need of repair.

On Friday, members of the House of Representatives received a memo informing them of a program to assist NONSTATE  ENTITIES in getting a slice of the state’s Capital Outlay pie.

While not specifically defined, it would be safe to assume, in addition to local public entities, included would be Non-Governmental Organizations (“NGOs”).

The Office of Facility Planning & Control,  a part of the Division of Administration, headed by Commissioner of Administration Kristy Nichols, will be conducting “free capital outlay training for nonstate entities on Wednesday, September 30, 2015.”

“This training may be helpful for any nonstate entities in your district that may be interested in learning more about applying for capital outlay funding and the capital outlay request process.”

“The attached flyer includes more detailed information about this training session and the deadline for representative of nonstate entities to reserve their spot to attend.  Feel free to forward this flyer to any nonstate entities in your district.”

To sum up; this is an effort by Team Jindal to help  nonstate agencies get state revenues ahead of state agencies.

You can’t make this stuff up!


Baton Rouge, We’ve got a problem! Tuesday, Sep 8 2015 

Tooth Fairy

Next Commissioner of Administration

It appears the only people who don’t think our state’s economy and budget are in trouble due to low oil prices meet at the State Capitol.

The latest ominous warning came in a report from local governments in the “Oil Patch.” See story here.

This is further evidence that there will not be some hoped-for economic rebound before the end of the calendar year to prevent massive mid-year cuts to Higher Education and Healthcare.

Local government leaders who aren’t suffering from chronic denial are talking in terms of battening down the hatches through 2016 and are threatening to veto budget increases. In other words, they are taking preemptive, fiscally-responsible, action.

Meanwhile in Baton Rouge, Team Jindal is assuring the leges there are no real problems that won’t be solved if one believes in the “Tooth Fairy.”

The incumbent leges are acting as though after this fall’s election they will be able to blame the fiscal disaster on their predecessors. They believe the public will have short memories will be accepting of higher taxes and deep cuts to vital services.  Political reality is that 75% of the “new” leges will the same ones who created the fiscal mess they will be facing.

Suggesting the leges not wait until January to mitigate the mid-year cuts has been an exercise in futility.  For the last eight years the leges annually denied there would be mid-year cuts.  For the last seven consecutive years there have been mid-year cuts.

The only thing different this year is the mid-year cuts started six weeks into the fiscal year. Yet to come will be more dramatic cuts along with deeper withdrawals from the pockets of the taxpayers.

Let’s not quibble whether these involuntary pocket withdrawals are tax increases, loss of tax exemptions or rebates, fees or what-have-you; they reduce our bank accounts.  The transfer of funds from the private sector to the public section will only delay any possible economic recovery.

For those public officials who can’t see the fiscal hand-writing on the wall, ask the “Tooth Fairy” to bring you some new glasses; preferably the type without the rose-colored tint.



More La. oil and gas job losses Wednesday, Sep 2 2015 


hear no evil see no evil speak no evil

What fiscal problems?

A report in Monday’s Shreveport paper 28 individuals in the oil and gas industry just permanently lost their jobs.  ( See story here.)

These layoffs are in addition to the hundreds of jobs losses recently announced by Chevron and Shell in the New Orleans area.

Meanwhile our public officials refuse to mention, much less address, the lower projected revenues due to the declining price of oil.

It’s not as if our public officials are simply ignorant.  Their failure to act is based purely on politics.   They don’t want the voters know what a giant fiscal crisis they have created before the fall elections.

The longer they wait to adjust the revenues, the bigger the budget cuts to Higher Education and Healthcare.


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