No state budget this session Tuesday, Apr 7 2015 


Fannin lays down the law!

If the “Old Skunk Hunter” is telling the truth (big if) there won’t a state budget passed during the upcoming lege session.

House Appropriations Chairman Jim Fannin said he is not going to move House Bill 1, the state budget, until the legislation clicks into place all these legalisms that would enable the state to turn “refundable” tax credits into “nonrefundable” ones. The Advocate, April 4, 2015

The lege isn’t going to kill the Inventory Tax Refundable Credit.  That will give the House Appropriations Committee the entire session to review the bill in the committee.

This is good news for all of the leges.  They will be able to collect more per diems from the taxpayers for a Special Session(s) after the Regular Session to pass a budget.

Hold on to your wallets, taxpayers!


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

UPDATE: Fannin Monday, Apr 6 2015 


The Old Skunk Hunter

On Thursday, I posted a piece (immediately below) about Matt Fannin, an agricultural economist at LSU being named a “rainmaker.”

At the time, I didn’t know if Matt was any relation to House Appropriations Committee Chairman Jim Fannin.  Subsequently it was confirmed that Matt Fannin is indeed the Old Skunk Hunter’s son.

Fannin’s budget requires huge taxes to be raised on small businesses in order to fund Higher Education.  Assuming the taxes aren’t raised high enough, Matt Fannin could transfer to the governor’s budget office to become an Economist/Rainmaker/Weatherman/Revenue Forecaster.

Everyone at LSU wishes they had the job security of Fannin’s son.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

Fannin named LSU Rainmaker Thursday, Apr 2 2015 


Jim Fannin

Earlier this week I received the latest edition of my hometown newspaper, The Tensas Gazette.

I sat down with my coffee to read it.  On the front page, the headline was “Fannin named LSU Rainmaker.”

My thoughts began racing.  I was trying to imagine the old skunk catcher, Rep. Jim Fannin chairman of the House Appropriations Committee, being called a “rainmaker” for LSU.

Fannin has led the effort for the last 7 years to cut funding for LSU.

Up came my coffee all over the table. I quickly recovered and read the story. It wasn’t THAT Fannin, but a Matt Fannin who teaches at what’s left of LSU.  Here’s the story

I’m informed that Matt is Jim’s son.  That’s great irony.  I hope Matt knows not catch a skunk by the tail.

You can’t make this stuff up!


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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