Cong. Graves needs history lesson Thursday, Jun 25 2015 

Garret Graves

Louisiana history not his best subject

On Monday, in an appearance before the Baton Rouge Press Club, Louisiana Congressman Garret Graves said he would like his former boss, Bobby Jindal, to be elected President because we’ve never had a President from Louisiana.  (See tape here.)

We know that Graves lacks a formal education, but one would think having grown up in Louisiana Graves would have learned the 12th President, Zachary Taylor, was elected from Louisiana.  (See listing here.)

Perhaps a supporter of Graves will forward this information to him before he further embarrasses our state in the hallowed halls of Congress.

You can’t make this stuff up.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

State Police conspire to violate the law Wednesday, Jun 24 2015 

state Police Badge in shit

The stench increases

As the Crack Mullet Research Team digs through the rubble of the 2015 Regular Session more skullduggery by the Louisiana State Police (“LSP”) is unearthed.

Special interest group

A pattern has emerged how the LSP lobbyists (State Trooper hierarchy in uniform.) regularly and blatantly violate the state constitution.   The operation is purely Machiavellian.

Rather than introduce tax increases and special retirement benefits straight up, the LSP hijack innocuous bills halfway through the process to do their dirty work.  Just as bad are the LSP’s willing accomplices; the leges who allow their legislation to be hijacked without saying a word.

When it comes to special interests groups, the sheer power of the LSP lobbyists is unrivaled.  It makes one wonder what the LSP have on the leges to buy their silence.

Another tax

During the just ended lege session, another tax increase disguised as a fee increase was added by the LSP lobbyists to an innocuous House Bill in a Senate Committee.

House Bill 448 by Representative Steve Pugh unconstitutionally increased state revenues for the LSP by $22 Million, annually.

Louisiana Constitution Article III, Section 16 requires “[all] bills for raising revenue …shall originate in the House of Representatives.” This revenue raising measure originated in the Senate.

See how your representative voted here and your senator here.   A “YEA” is for the tax increase.  A “NAY” is against the tax increase and  “ABSENT” is counted the same as a “Nay” vote.

It’s more than ironic that the top law enforcement agency in the state regularly conspires to violate the law.

The next time a  lege complains about special interests group controlling the lege process, ask them about the Louisiana State Police.



“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill


State Police pull another fast one Wednesday, Jun 17 2015 

state Police Badge in shit

More crap on the badge

On Thursday I wrote a commentary about the leges increasing the cost of a motor vehicle title from $18 to $68; a $50 increase.  I said it was unconstitutional if it passed as it was.

It passed on the last day of the session (Thursday), but the tax increase was amended out of HB 833 in a Conference Committee.

Another end run

However, the Louisiana State Police lobbyists (State Troopers) sneaked the tax increase into  House Bill 445 by Rep. Sherman Mack.  It was done via a Senate Floor Amendment.  HB 445 was finally passed on Thursday.

The LSP and leges again have violated the state constitution by adding a fee/tax to a non-revenue raising House measure in the Senate.  It’s deja vu ( see here.) for the State Police.

To see how your lege voted to increase your taxes go here for House and here for Senate.


Louisiana Constitution Article VIII, Section 16(B) states in part: “All bills for raising revenue…shall originate in the House….”

The intent is to give the House the first crack at increasing taxes and fees.  If the tax or fee doesn’t get out of the House, it’s dead.

As it left the House, HB 445 was an innocuous bill dealing with public license tag agents.  It passed the House 90 to 0.

Unearthing the damage

It will take a backhoe and months to unearth all the other damage done on Thursday in the waning hours of the session.  HB 445 just happened to lying on top of the pile of rubble.

More as it is dug up.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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