How not to explain legislation Thursday, Jul 17 2014 

Jeff Arnold

Rep. Jeff Arnold

To learn how to sneak a special, unconstitutional, retirement benefit past the House of Representatives see Rep. Jeff Arnold demonstrate. For those who are not familiar with the background on this scam, go here.

Go to this link scroll down to “June 2, 2014” and then to “House Floor” and then to “Part 1.”

Click on Part 1. When the video loads move the guide ahead to 2 Hours 52 Minutes and 48 Seconds.

What you see is Rep. Arnold explaining how the Superintendent of the La. State Police will get an extra $30,000 per year on top of his full retirement compliments of the hardworking taxpayers of Louisiana.

Based on that seconds long explanation, not a single representative present voted against this huge giveaway of taxpayer funds.

Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill


Leges sneak in unconstitutional benefits Wednesday, Jul 16 2014 


Kleptocracy: government by those who seek chiefly status and personal gain at the expense of the governed

This is a follow-up to a previous commentary. ( See here.)

Section 2 of Act 859 of the 2014 Regular Session by Senator J.P. Morrell gives the Superintendent of State Police an additional $30,000 a year in retirement benefits for the remainder of his life and his family’s life at the expense of the Louisiana taxpayers.


Section 2 of Act 859 violates at least 6 provisions of the state constitution:

– It was not introduced 45 days prior to the opening day of the 2014 Regular Session. (La. Const. Article III, Section 2, Paragraph (2)(c))

– It was not advertised prior to being introduced. (La. Const. Article X, Section 29C)

– It does not contain a recitation that it was advertised. (La. Const. Article X, Section 29C)

– No funding source cited. (La. Const. Article X, Section 29F)

– As amended contains two objects. (La. Const. Article III, Section 15, Paragraph A)

– Language to provide the extra benefits is not germane to bill as introduced. (La. Const. Article III, Section 15, Paragraph C)


Here are the names and email addresses of the leges that sneaked this special interest legislation through the lege process:

Rep. Bryan Adams:
Rep. Jeff Arnold:
Rep. Walt Leger:
Sen. J.P. Morrell:
Sen. Neil Riser:
Sen. Mike Walsworth:

Worst than sausage

The lege process is often compared to watching sausage being made. That is meant to convey the idea that the process is ugly, but the end product is worth it. In this case, even the end product is horrible.

This is the type of legislation that is referred to by insiders as “snakes” that crawl out in the last days of a session. For most snake is much less appetizing than sausage.

Action needed

There’s only two ways to prevent these unconstitutional benefits from being paid and restoring integrity to the lege process.

The head of the State Police can refuse the benefits or by someone filing a lawsuit. In the latter case, the above listed leges should institute the lawsuit.

Finally, if you know an active or retired member of the La. State Police, please pass this on to them.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

That horse left the barn Tuesday, Jul 15 2014 

barn door closing

Bobby closes door

Last week, to much fanfare and media coverage, Bobby Jindal issued an Executive Order to “limit” the amount of state debt.

On the surface, it appears to be a fiscally-conservative move. At least, that’s how Jindal’s spin doctors will portray it to his national audience.

In reality the “limit” means that Louisiana will simply maintain the debt load at the current record level.

Yes, since Jindal became governor in 2008, the per capita debt in Louisiana has increased by 30%. In fact, during the 2013 Regular Session Jindal and the leges circumvented the constitutional debt limit by authorizing an additional $250 Million in debt for construction at the community and technical colleges.

What Jindal did is the equivalent of closing the barn door after the horse escaped and claiming credit for getting the door closed.


“King of Subversive Bloggers” – James Gill

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